Paper buildings

I was asked by a fellow gamer to post a few pictures of a few paper houses I've been building on and off for a few weeks, they are not all done, and the first three here are mostly experiments with different techniques on how to build them in a relative fast way and to incorporate foamboard in the walls.

Before I've always built them with just paper for walls, but this time around I wanted to make them a bit more sturdy, so foamboard it was.

All the buildings come from World Works Games they have a bunch of great textures for your builds

Heres the first tryouts I did, the first one is still missing a floor and the second one is missing a roof, too bad they are both first floor buildings =)

Next I have one thats mostly completed, but I've haven't got to blacken out all the edges or made any interior details

And the last one is completed with see though windows, doors that open and close and interior details. This particular model is the Mayhem Police department a really nice set and I have started making one slightly larger piece that will cover 12"x12", this one will cover 6"x6"

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  1. These paper buildings look great. The amount of detail you put into them almost convinced me that they are doll houses or miniature models for a housing project.