Hail Caesar - Greek Hoplites II

So, I had a few more of Warlord Hoplites, so I got into painting them as well. The colors are all the same, I just changed the facing on the shields.
So far I haven't decided yet if I want to keep them in units with the same shield colors, or if I should mix them up a bit

The force so far on temporary bases


Hail Caesar - Greek Hoplites

During the summer I got into looking at my Hail Caesar troops I did a few years back (see here for that army), and got to thinking that it would be fun to have two armies that could fight a bit at least.
And since I've gotten some Warlord hoplites in one of their sprue sales I got into painting them.

And here is the first 12 of them, as I have 3 bases of 4 minis each for close order infantry this is what a unit will look like.

The basing will come, I just need to get a few more so that I can make a big batch of my basing stuff.

More to come!


Team Yankee - Soviet T-64 tanks

To follow up on my previous Soviet Team Yankee forces I have gotten my hands on some T-64 tanks, these kits are really good, nice crisp details and not many gates to shave off. The only thing that was a bit of a problem was a mold line running down the length of the main gun, this was a bit annoying to remove since there are a bit of detail around the gun.
But other than that it was a great model.

I went for a tri-color camo on this one, just for the heck of it, and it turned out a bit more rusty than I had thought, but I think it turned out quite nice.


Team Yankee - Soviet BMP-1

Next up I have some more Team Yankee stuff, this is my BMP-1 troop transports.
With this I will be able to transport a platoon of infantry, so it isnt that much, but it's a start for my little force.
They will probably mostly be used to sit tight on some objective or similar, I might have to play a game before I pass judgement on them.

Other than that this is some really good miniatures, the details are crisp, and it's a simple kit to get together, there aren´t even many thing you need to clean up, mold lines are more or less non-existent and only a few gates are showing on the completed model. Over all Battlefront has found a wining concept on their newer plastic kits.


Team Yankee - Soviet T-72 tanks

About 3-4 months ago I got the opportunity to by some second hand T-72 tanks. I was at the time not that into Team Yankee (TY), having looked at it, and decided that napoleonics was more my thing then. But I got a good price on them so I picked them up.
No go forward a few months and I was at a gaming konvention playing Flames of War WWII (another new thing since last time, I'll get back to that) But there was also a TY tournament and I got got stuck watching, learning the rules and watching the game play and seeing some great looking armies.
So I got home, started reading a few books (Red Storm Rising and the book the game is based on, Team Yankee) and I was stuck...

The tanks I got had to to be repainted, all since they already had a base coat and highlights on them, but not really in any color I had, but they had been airbrushed so that was no problem and I got stuck in and this is the result of that.

Here is the whole battalion

And here is the command tanks

Company 1

Company 2

I now have batch of Infantry in the works, a few BMP armored transports and a bunch of T-64 tanks, the later I still have most to build. I'll try to get a post going as soon as I get them done.

Its been a long time...

Well I haven't been very active here for a very long time, for the last year I've mostly been posting stuff either to Facebook groups or sometimes to my twitter account. But not here.
So, I'm going to try to do a new start of sorts.

Since my last post I've completed a few armies, played a lot of games, started a few new games and then left some of them to the wayside again and lot of other stuff. I'll try to do some posts about at least some of that stuff in the future.

But right now I'll just say that I'll try to be back again, and the next post will be about my latest project, World War 3 according to Battlefront!

See you in a bit again!