40k Imperial Guard - part II

After a few days with no painting at all, mostly due to travel to and fro, I finally got another squad of guardsmen painted.

This time it's just a standard squad with a flamer and a missile launcher, I did however make a little mistake on the heavy weapon.. Only as I was basing it I realized that they no longer are on standard 25mm bases, but rather on large 60mm bases... Well I have non of those anyware close so I'll have to live with the wrong base until I can get hold of some. I've already placed an order with warbases.co.uk and I should have them shortly.

But until such a time as they arrive and I can get the bases changed, they will look as this:

And a little closeup

Got a bit better colors this time, and since I haven't had time to varnish them, they aren't as shiny =)


40k Imperial Guard

A few of the people at my gaming club decided to try to play a bit of casual 40k, I haven't played the game in about 9-10 years and I haven't had any desire to do it either. But when it was brought up I thought "why not?" I have loads of miniatures laying every ware and right before I stopped the last time I started a Imperial Guard army, so I have quite a lot for them, but most of it is unpainted.
So said and done, I went to my store of boxes and started to go thought them to see what I could find.

And I found quite a lot, it does however  seams like I've sold, traded or misplaced a few items I remember having, but I found a bit of infantry and a pile of heavy weapons.

I started with a few of the infantry models, I had painted a few of them already, and in colours I no longer have, so I got my Reaper paint set and started to go though them to find colours that would match.

A number of models had already got paint of their uniform, so I just painted the armour, weapons and everything else that was needed, and first out was a unit of ordinary hapless guardsmen.

Then I got a new unit painted with the new colours on the uniform, the armour parts I used the new paints all the way, and I cant find any real difference between the two

The lighting on the minis is to be frank, not good at all, they are quite a bit to dark.

I also got a command squad completed, this had also got the uniforms painted beforehand, so no new colour on them.

I'm quite satisfied with the miniatures, I did paint them mostly 5 at the time and completed each batch in one evening. Now I'm almost out of ordinary infantry, so a few more nights and I'll have to start painting the heavy weapon teams. I just need to rebase them as the base size has changed the last two editions...


Table building - part V

Now I've completed a few test bases with terrain for my module board. The board I got for the modules wasn't quite as thin as I hoped and it's therefore a bit of an edge on each module. The good side to this is that warping will be a non issue, I'd like to see the paint that get 6 mm of wood to warp =)
But the downside is that it won't look as nice as in my head, not that basically anything ever does.

The modules I did this time is two of my adobe-style buildings and a module with a bit of vegetation on it, this is to represent some scrub or perhaps a area with some difficult terrain, depending on the game system and mood of the day.

I mostly did the same thing to the modules as I did to the table as a whole, same colour, same textured paint in the beginning, but I have finished them in a way I have not on the table, I've added some patches of static grass on them as well.

So far I'm quite pleased with the result, and I need to get some more of this going, and make myself a few more buildings so that I can make a nice little village on the table, and some areas with trees, and lots of other stuff.

Here's the first house, now with it's own base, looking all nice and done

The base with the vegetation got a bit of paint on it while I painted the base, but it turned out alright in the end as I got a bit more on there to make it blend into the base a bit.


And the last little house with a base, this got to use one of the walls I did as well, I thought I'd use the area that was provided, and I could not get both of the houses on the same base as I had originally thought, so the last house is standing baseless at the moment.

And some shots with my Imperial Guard acting as scale indicators


Table building - part IV

And so, the table has been painted to completion, well at least the top of it.
I've now added the last few layers and I have to say that I'm more than satisfied with the result. The only thing I have to do now is add some patches of grass onto it, and perhaps some small rocks and such, just to break up the colors a bit. And then of cause I need to do all the terrain to place on the table as well.

Here is a picture with the difference in colors that the "bubonic brown" gives to the table, it really adds dept to it when the last layers are applied.

And one of the tables after the bubonic brown

Here is how it looks with the bleached bone added on top of everything

I also added a little bit of white paint to the paths, just to make them stand out just a little more and not to confuse them too much with everything else.

Now there is just the little thing of doing everything else, and then perhaps even get a game in on it.