The Iron Painter 2012 - Round 1

Ok, the first round in Iron Painter has just started, apparently 132 people signed up, and among all of them there is a little me.

The theme has also been announced, and it's "Start your engine", and I have so far not a clue what I'm going to do... I think I'll have to go home and go though my lead/plastic mountain and see if I have something that could go under that description.

I'm a bit nervous about this whole thing, I'll have to duel with two other painters, and not one as I first thought, and I have to have it all done by March 5th.

So the order of they will be to find a miniature to paint, and before the end of the week have it assembled and hopefully some base paints on it at least.


Table building - part VII

While I'm still painting more miniatures for my Imperial Army, I just got sick of small plastic dudes for a little while, so I started to make a few more modules for my table that has been standing unwanted and ignored for too long now.

The order of the day was to make some mostly flat modules to fill up the table some more and in some cases be used to place free standing buildings over, this last part I kind of forgot when I got my hot glue gun and plastic flowers so I places a bit too much on some of them... They are still useful and can still take some buildings (or trees for that matter) but I overdid it a bit...

Anyways, they are made just like my other modules, a piece of wood for the base and then some structured paint over and 6 coats of paint, ranging from dark brown to a final small highlight of white. To see everyting a bit more in detail I refer you to the painting of the table itself, here and here.

And some images of the nice little terrain;
Here we have them all four

This last one did get something to look like a pile of rocks, and that mostly what it is, I added some filler and stuck it full of rocks, turned out quite alright in the end, even though it made it a bit more difficult to paint.

I'm also back in painting some miniatures as well, but I also have some more adobe-style houses in the works. But pictures on those when I get them done.


Signed copies of Black Powder and Hail Caesar

I've just received the weekly newsletter from Warlord, and in between some nice Lancers, a mule and some other assorted plastic crack there is an offer to get hold of signed copies of Black Powder and Hail Caesar.
I haven't gotten around to order a copy of Hail Caesar yet, so as the fan of Rick Priestley that I am, I promptly ordered myself a copy.
Why not do it yourself?
Get over to the Warlord homepage and get some great rules and perhaps like me, a silly little smile on your face.


Wyrd Miniatures Iron Painter 2012

Last night I got a newsletter from Wyrd about a new installment of their Iron Painter competition.
I've seen a bit from it earlier but not had any real thought about joining in.

It works in broad terms like this;
Each round has a theme, this theme could be something like "Purple", "Scary" or something similar and each  contestant is paired up with another in a duel.
You then have only two weeks to get hold of something to paint, paint it, and post pictures of it on the website. So you can't just sit around and think about it for long...
After the two weeks is up a panel of judges gives points to each entry, based on the skill and appearance of the miniature but most importantly the following of the theme. After this the person in a duel with the most points advances to the next round and the other is knocked out.

This time around I decided to join in, right now you can join up as well, and you have about a week to do it, then it's game on, just check in this address for the sign-up

and if you want to check the rules out, go here:

I'll be there to get my ass kicked, will you?


40k Imperial Guard - part XV

It's time again for another bunch of minis from the Imperial armies. 
This time I've got some heavy teams to show you, and not any teams at that, but Lascannon teams!

These guys are made up of old school lascannons with the new cadian miniatures. I was however a bit cheap again and decided to only place one cadian on each base, and instead they got a stonewall as a friend. 
In reality this was partly because it was hard to fit another mini on there as the cannon itself is quite big and I didn't want them sticking out of the base to much so that transport of them would suffer, if I can I'd like to have them inside the base edges.

The minis then, well they did get painted in the same old way as all the others, the cannons did however get a primer layer with Army Painters Army Green that I found behind lots of other colors and I hoped that this would be the same as the dark green I've been using so far on all the guns. This however was not the case, it was quite a bit lighter, but at least I was able to use it as a base and not paint as much with my other green over.

I've also set up a kind of new way that I photograph my miniatures, after the army display the some time ago I let the board stand and I've now used it as a backdrop to liven it up a bit, if you have any thoughts if I should keep that up, please drop me a line, I don't get many here as it is =)

But for now, here's some pictures;


40k Imperial Guard - part XIV

Time for another installment of painted imperials, this time I did some scratch building. I wanted to have some more diverse special weapons, but I don't want to pay the ridiculous prices that GW wants for them. So I got some extra pieces out and started to build. I did some plasmaguns this time around, they was each made by a com-link backpack and a standard lasgun and some green stuff.

The overall effect is quite all right, I did however not such a good job on the green stuff, I really should have cleaned off a few more things on the lasguns before I tried to build upp the plasmagun around it, it all got a bit to big and bulky for my taste, and I should have don't the barrels a bit bigger. But overall they are quite all right.

The hoses from the backpack to the guns is made from wire in the two on the flanks, and the middle one I did in greenstuff. I did however find the green stuff one a bit to hard to get where I wanted it, that why I have some with wires.

I might try to do some meltas as well, but I'm almost out of unassembled minis so I need to get some more before any such adventure.

Well some more pictures, and until next time.