More swedes

Finally I got the time to finish of the latest batch of my Warlord Swedish infantry, this time around I went for a green unit, but I "spiced" it up a bit and gave them white/beige pants to match the banner I put in the unit.
And not inly that, but the unit got reinforced with their own priest, so they have nothing to fear from the enemy (or own commanders...)

I'm now up to 4 units of infantry and 2 of cavalry, and soon I can really start using them for something
I have decided though to make a commander or 2 as the next batch, so that I don't go crazy over all the more or less, same infantry models, and that I can use the minis for a game or two in the not too distant future.
I also have plans for starting my very own gaming table, the board components for the first part has been acquired, and all I need now is a weekend or at least a evening to start planing and carving out the first little parts.
But more of that when the time comes.


Spanish houses part III

So, now I've completed the latest installment of spanish houses, this time it's only one house, but a bit larger.
I've basically made two houses and fit them together and added a little stair between them.
The overall effect is quite nice, and I think it will look great next to the other houses with a bit of road between them, and a table under and around.

But for the moment I'll have to make due with the houses themselves, table will have to wait.

Just to have some fun I placed a few of my painted but so far unbased minis around the house.

I did make the roofs removable on this one, I haven't however done anything much with the inside so this time there is no pictures of it.


Houses in action

While waiting for paint and glue to dry a bit, so I took the opportunity take a few photos on one of my french units walking though my new village.

Unfortunately I didn't have any real terrain to put my houses on, so I had to make due with what I did have within arms reach

Marching an cheering, a good day is when a village is taken

Soon another house is to be added to the collection, then I think it's starting to be time for another regiment to see the light of day.


Spanish houses part II

I've made some more houses, this time a tower and a remake of my first house, this time with a little more experience in the trunk.

As the last time they are made with a foamcore base, and then matchsticks, ice cream sticks and lots of glue.
I'm now coming closer to actually having a whole little village, now I need a table to put it on, and some miniatures to fight over it.

First out is the tower, tree stories high its at the moment the highest structure in my village.

On the "remake" I vent a little "crazy" and put the door on the side this time, have you ever herd something so whimsical? I know.. it's not that hot, but its a little bit different from the other one.


The back is windowless on this one, I thought that it could perhaps be placed right to another house, or perhaps a mountain, could be quite neat, just need a big mountain as well now  

And finally, both of them right next to each other, getting quite pleased with them now, and the next project thats already being drawn and cut will be a bit more ambitious, stay tuned.


Spanish houses for Napoleonic gaming

I got an urge to do some terrain the other day, most because I saw some beautiful pictures on another blogg here called Battles in Miniature and his incredible tables of napoleonic terrain for Spain. So I tried to make my some houses, trying out a few different techniques and materials.

The first one as seen here wasn't great, I made it with foam board and covered the walls in a mix of paint, glue and filler, that part turned out great, then I used corrugated paper for the roof, a nice idea, but I didn't treat it properly, so it warped, and the paper I used was in itself not great, but at least the idea was right.



So I did another one, this time I spent some more time on the construction, used a few more thought though materials, and made it generally a bit more neat, keeping the windows a bit smaller and same with the doors.
All in all it turned out quite alright, I have a few more ideas that I'd like to try out, but if I'm going to do a whole spanish village I got time to practice.

And just as a little comparison both of them side by side in my soon to be main street or something

I think I'll have to do some street for them accualy, and place my completed minis around it, and I need some more houses... perhaps a church or a.... *walks away mumbling* 


All flaged up and ready to go

Finally I've gotten a few flags on my units, and the infantry is now completed.
The army is kind of taking form now with three units of foot and two of horse, I'm getting quite satisfied with the look they now when they are all lined up.Hopefully I can get a commander painted someday soon so that I have something to lead them with as well.

For now this is how they present themselves:


Warlord Pike and Shot Cavalry

So, finally my second unit of cavalry is done, well... at least so far that the minis are painted, still missing bases, but I'm in the process of finding out how many of each size I'm going to need so that I can get a order away to warbases

The minis then was painted a quickly as possible, I blocked the colors in and then slapped a good amount of dipp on them, I even just primed the horses with army painter brown primer and then just dipped them. It's almost cheating, but at least I got the unit done in just 3 nights of very limited painting time.

I also just got hold of some flags for my other units, so if I get the time then I'm going to get some flags going for all my units and get some nice little photo on all of them arranged for... well at least arranged =)

The unit then, well this time I was inspired of some flags I saw for the Västgöta cavalry that I found on Flags of War, the colors was in green and white, so thats what I went for in most of the clothing, I just had to get some yellow in, because... well I think swedes need that.
So here they are in all of their unbased glory!

That all for now folks.


Still more swedish infantry

I've gotten a bit of painting flow, and I've manage to finish another unit of infantry. This time they didn't turn out blue, but green instead. I found a flag in the swedish infantry box from Warlord of the "Swedish Västgöta Regement" and since thats where I am from I painted a unit to kind of match the flag. The flag is green with a red cross on it, so that translated unto a unit with green coats and red details.

This time I dipped the miniatures instead of of extensive use of dark brown wash, so the end result was a bit different from my previous units, but I works and it saved me quite a lot of wash.

And as usual I still need to get the actual flag done... I really should do those.. any day now, or should I say year? =)