Dark Angels - Part XI - Deathwing Terminators I

About a week and a half ago I started painting on my Terminators from the Dark Vengeance set, I had also a few days before gotten hold of my first airbrush, so naturally I used this in the process.
I did something kind of zenith highlight, that said I painted them first in my base color for the bone, washed it in brown wash and then started with the base again and painted them from a high angle, not hitting the back and underside of things and then continue with lighter and lighter colors, spraying less and less with each change.
It turned out... ok i guess, I should have been a bit bolder in my base color choice and perhaps a bit more careful with how much I paint with the highlights, but for a first try and the first minis I paint on at all, I'm quite happy.

After the base it came down to all the details, and there is a lot of them on these... It felt like each time I completed something, I found another thing that needed attention. So the painting took far longer than I thought it would.

At least they are complete now, based and everything. So here is a few pictures of them, the lighting wasent with me today and bone was a bit harder to get good photos of than I thought, so you'll have to take them as they are, quite bad...


Dark Angels - Part X - Ezekiel

After I completed my last bikes and brought the army up to something that could kind of be played, I felt the need for some character to lead my band of angels. Since the beginning of time I've had a Ezekel model, I bought him when he first was released back during 2ed but never got around to finish him. I did get some paint on him, but never more than that.

So a few months ago I threw him in a green soap bath and got rid of the old paint, and since then he's been standing around, taking up space and looking at me. So I placed brush to model and started painting him.

I did change up his banner a bit, the original model had this old banner backpack, but I didn't want to add any paper banner, so I dug around a bit, found a scroll and some seals, and that would have to do as a banner.
So far I haven't painted any text on it, I haven't decided how to do it, so I'll let it rest and when I get some inspiration how I want it I'll do it then.

Other than that, there isn't anything real fancy about this model, it was nice and easy to paint, the details was good even though it was made 15+ years ago.

And here are the images on him


Dark Angels - Part IX - Ravenwing Bikes II

During the last week I got another unit done, this time a whole unit of bikes are ready to get stuck in.
The bikes are one from the Dark Vengeance set, and one from the Ravenwing battleforce. On the two I used two quite different techniques, one of them fot a base of a light gray, and then layer upon layer of black and brown washes, all in all I think I used about ten layers. The other got a black base coat, some small highlights and a black/brown wash over this.

The wash method do produce a slightly better model with some nice shadings and highlights, but it just takes so much time that I don't think I'll continue using it for my standard bikes, perhaps for characters and such, but time will tell about that.

But now I have a usable tactical squad and a bike squad so soon I'll have an army that can take to the field!
Now I'm thinking if I should do a character to lead them or perhaps a unit of terminators, to try out how I want them painted, I have both options cleaned up and ready to be primed, so whatever grabs my fancy next time I sit down at my painting table will be the thing I get done.

Until next time, here are some pictures;

The whole unit;