Thirty Year War - Swedish Infantry part 2

Another unit has been completed, this time its another blue unit, its still missing a flag and is in need of a dusting with matt varnish, but aside from that it's all done.

I'm still thinking about how I should make my banners, I could make them myself and then go for paper of linnen as quite a few around me here has done, or I could take the easy way and just go buy them.
I'll see how I'm going to do it, so far I dont have a great hurry, I'll think it over for some time, and in the meantime I'll get going on the next regiment. This time it's not going to be blue at least =)


A day of gaming

Last weekend I was supposed to play a Hail Cesar game, unfortunately the GM had to go and take care of a family emergency, so instead I got to play a little scenario about the Russian civil war with a game that I believe was called Red Assault.

It was a very simple game, based on units depicting a company with four bases of 3 to 4 minis each. We each got a few units of infantry, a cavalry unit, a few HMGs, and one each of a cannon and a armored car.

I was given command of the white side, and was proclaiming democracy! Well.. not quite but at least I was better than the evil reds! Or well... not quite, but I got nicer flags?
I’m not that into this period, in that way that I know absolutely nothing at all, but I got to roll some dice and watch in horror as my units was killed, but it was fun.

The scenario was a straight forward one, in the middle of the table there was a broken down truck, in/under this truck a scared red-spy was hiding, our job was to get to him first and save or bring him to the gallows. The secondary objective was to shoot the opposition more than they shot us.
In true wargaming spirit we totally forgot about the spy and just started shooting.

Here is the initial deployment, all our units had to walk in from the board edge, and columns are quite a bit faster to get anyware at all, so that’s the formation of choice

Best musician ever! 

Red cavalry
Red Infantry

White side


In the first turn was mostly about advancing towards each other, not much else, apart from my HMG on the flank that started to shoot down the red cavalry advancing in frightening speed, I did not want to have those horses to close to my line, especial when I’m still in column formation with quite a few units.

The second turn then saw some more action, as the read had advanced to some of the houses in the middle of the table, they now occupied them as fast as they could, only to be shot as and retreated out just as fast, I eliminated the red cavalry and advanced my own on the opposite flank, all they while my armoured car ran amok and shot everything it could, getting a good few hits and started to break units with the support of my other HMG and a few fire-crazy units.
All in all this was a turn when it look really good for the white side, this however was not to last.

Was started as just a few hits here and there on my units in the previous turn got quite a few units over the brink in the following two turns, all over the board units broke and ran. And in the end the white army broke, one activation before the red one did the same, that ended the game and we gave the red side a small victory as they at least broke me first.

The game was really enjoyable, easy to grasp, after just one turn most things was clear, my opponent was more than excellent and the miniatures very well made and painted.
I hope I get the chance for revenge sometime in the future.

Victorious commander


Thirty Year War - Swedish Infantry

Last Sunday I did complete my first unit of swedish infantry, I've had the shot for it standing around for quite some time, all completed and nice, but the pike has stood unpainted in a box, and finally I got to put some paint to them and get them on bases to boot.
Well... they aren't really all done, they still need a flag and a dash of mat varnish as well, but that's just nitpicking.

Here's the unit in all its blue glory

And a bit of a closeup on the officer

Just as last time they are painted with just basic colors and then wash, mostly a brown/black one, the blue parts did get a blue wash before the brown found it, but other than that this is a project for about 200+ miniatures, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time on each, just get something done.
Now I haven't really done that since it was a good while ago that the shot got finish, but at least I got something done =)

I have stared the other pikes as well, but work and general laziness gets quite heavily in the way.


Thirty Year War - Swedish Cavalry

I've started painting my TYW figures again, and the one finished this time is a unit of cavalry. They are supposed to represent "karbinryttare" or people armed with carbines. Since I didn't want to spend to much more money on this and get the new Harquebusiers from Warlord, I got a standard cav box, and exchanged some of the hands and weapons from the carbines included, and while it's not great, it works and I', happy enough.

At the moment I don't have any bases for them, so there will be a while now that they stand around on some temporary bases as seen in the picture below, I've used two normal 60x30 bases instead of the 60x50 base they should have.

I've also got a unit of infantry drying from the basing, these was completed a few days ago, but I haven't had time to base them until a few minutes ago, so pictures of them will have to wait a day or two.

Other than that I need some flags for the cavalry here and the infantry, and soon another cavalry and infantry unit thats almost done.

But today I'm going to defend the danish flag in a recreation of the battle Helgeandsholmen in 1463, exactly 548 years from now, I'm really looking forward to this as I both get to meet some people I've only met over the net IRL and I get to try out the Hail Caesar rules set. I'll bring my camera and try to get some pictures of the battle.


Malifaux - Mature Nephilim

At last he's done, I've had him sitting and looking at me for a few days now until I finally got to paint the last few things on him. Overall I'm quite pleased, things don't look that wrong, perhaps he's a bit on the pale side, but I kind of like it after all.

After this there is just a lot of more models to do, and the bases... I really need to get started on the bases, the bases for Lilith and the Mature is actually ready to paint, but I still need to make them for Lilitu and Lelu and I don't see the point of painting two bases when I need to have all four done.
Ah well, we'll have to see where it all ends up.

I did get my Nekima in the post about a week ago, and I'm quite drawn to painting her up, she's big and really, REALLY evil on the tabletop, but probably to expensive to use for quite some time. Ah well perhaps I should paint something completely different now, just so I don't get to fed up with demons with wings, I've had some TYW figures looking at me in a funny way, perhaps I should complete my two first units of them, or even paint up the last French infantry for napoleonic, so much to do, and so little time to do it in.


Malifaux - Mature Nephilim WIP 2

So, I've done a few more paint strokes on this rather large fellow, and I did go with colours to match my other models, but there is still stuff to do, I need to do some more work on the hair, it didn't quite turn out the way I hoped, but mostly it's some cleaning thats needed, and a few shadows.

And I need to go over his skin again, I've manage to chip some paint and get some of all the other colors on there as well, it's quite a hassle to get to the areas behind his wings..

Then there is just the rest of him left, and that not really that much.

After this I think my goal is going to be some bases, it's a bit depressing with finished minis without bases.


Malifaux WIP - Mature Nepheilim

So, I've been throwing a few more paints around, and this time some skin tones got stuck on a Mature Nephilim, its a quite big model and lots of skin (they seam to like dressing up in almost nothing) and even though I'd like my models to keep a kind of human skin tone theme, I kind of like the pale picture of a (probably) mature one in the rulebook, so I grabbed the lightest skin I had and got going.
I also like the idea of the wings being a sort of thin skin, so that got the same treatment, just a bit lighter.

I'm still not sure about the hair, clothes and wrappings, I'm thinking brown hair, red clothes and perhaps blue wrappings to tie him together with my already completed minis, but as I said, I'm not sure yet, thoughts are appreciated =) 

And pictures or it didn't happen:




More Malifaux

I've been painting a bit the last few days and another mini has seen the completed light, this time it's my Lelu that's been painted, so now the pair of them is done, exept for the bases that is... I really need to do them soon, it looks a bit boring with some more or less nice minis standing on corks on my painting table... Ah well, it's going to get done any week now ;)

In the time to that is done, feast your eyes on one muscular dude with a bit to much sealer on...

And then the completed pair, aren't they cute?


Completed minis

Now I've finally gotten around to get some photos taken of my now completed Lilith and Lilitu, they are still short on bases, but as the bases I'm doing require quite a lot of green stuffing, I'm going to hold off on that for a while and then do a whole bunch in one go.

I didn't get completely satisfied with the result on Lilitu, my first stab at transparent clothing didn't go as I hoped, and in retrospect, neither did the black/blue clothing parts, but at least she's done and I have to move on and train some more, maybe next time there will be some more success.

But without further comments, here they are