Lack of updates

I'm a bit stuck in limbo at the moment, we just moved and our ISP is crappy enough not to deliver any net to us, and didn't have the ability to tell us so when we asked them a few weeks ago, so now we have to change suppliers and they need 2 to 4 weeks to switch a cable somewhere and enter a line in a database, so thats my situation right now.
I might be able to get some sort of update with a few more old pics this weekend, I just need to get the time for it and get the computer to talk to mu mobile phone for long enough.

Until then, I'm not dead, there will be updates when I get things in order, just not right now =)


Thirty Year War Swedish

Not to long ago Warlord Games announced that they was to release some TYW figures, and not only that, but Swedish troops. I've looked at their English Civil War range before and thought that they looked quite nice, and when this came along I felt I just had to go get me a few, just to paint up if nothing else. It's not often you get to see anything in the miniature world with the word Swedish in it.
Then I thought the Gustav II Adolf miniature was quite nice as well, a bit wonky pose, but still something in it spoke to me =)

I've so far gotten hold of a few boxes of infantry and painted the shot in one of them, still no bases though, as I don't really know how I should base them. And right now I'm in the middle of moving so no fixing with bases, flock and paint for a few weeks until I get my new place set up, and all the miniatures transported there.

I painted really quickly, and used mostly one paint coat and a wash and called it done. I'm not sure if I should go over them again to highlight them at least one time, I think I'll have to get a whole unit done to this level and see how it looks before going back over them.

In the first here I used some Army Painter crystal blue primer to get the blue stuff done, this however did not work as well as I would have liked, and painting all the other colors became a real pain.

Here I instead used a white base, it did help a fair bit with everything that wasn't blue, and no real difference on the blue, so blue primer is out for now. I'll probably do a test with brown primer on some of the next minis, when I find them that is...


Napoleonic British

About two month ago I got the idea that napoleonic gaming looks fun, I need to get me some miniatures. Mostly this has to do with the fact that I got the Black Powder rule book for christmas. So said and done i invested in a box of Victrix Peninsular british, and very nice figures they are.

And Painted up the got as well, during a week home from work with nothing to do but eating pills and painting I got going, and here's what happend to them, unfortunately I haven't done any bases for them, mostly because I don't really know how I should base them, so right now they are baseless.

The first lot I painted

First 2 days of work

One box, and 2 extra riflemen from a Wargames Illustrated


Kind of tournament report

Today was the day for a tournament with the Infinity players in our town, unfortunately only 5 players turned up, so instead of making some sort of half assed tournament we decided to just throw our dices down and play a few games.


We got two tables running with 1 player taking photos, me and the organizer was the ones that took a game off and took some photos, helped with rules and line of sight issues.

I played my jungle PanOceania that I have panted up in the last few weeks, and then we had on of each of the following armies: Adriana, Haqqislam, Combined Army and Yu Jing

I was a bit stupid and forgot to have everyone pose the armies up for photos, but I got a few in action pictures at least.

Here are some photos of the second round that I didn't play in, and first up are some pictures of a game between Yu Jing and Combined Army

Combined Army Vector Operator waiting to chew some Yu Jing 

Yu Jing droid hunting Combined scum
With infantry support
A Karakuri watching it's impending doom in the distance
More Combined mayhem in the waiting

Then I got just a few pictures of the game right beside, to many people in the way (it was in a corner and rather crowded with the players) only a few pictures got taken.

During my game a few shots got fired against my troops as well, so here they are in all their glory
My fire team in action
A soon to be dead droid overwatching 
My newly painted T.A.G takes a supporting position
Here's a fella that's going to have a reeeeally bad day 
It was a good day gaming, lots of fun talking with all the other gamers, too bad that there wasn't more of us so that we could have had a real tournament.
This will have to be it for tonight, next time something different, or the same, we'll see.


Still more PanO for Infinity

Tomorrow we're going to have another Infinity tournament at the club, unfortunately there will be very few people there as it seems right now, but anyhow. For some reason I felt that a more or less new army must be tried, so I've completed and based 6 minis since last night, 3 of them had to be more or less painted from the base up, but at least the other 3 was already completed and just missing bases.

So last night I finished 2 of the minis and started making the bases, and just now I completed the last figure and the bases and got them varnished and based.
And here's the result, just a quick snapshot before I go to bed and hopefully not dream of paints, plaster and static grass

5 Acontecimento Regulars, one with a Spitfire, the rest with Combi-rifles and a Bagh-Mari with a Combi-rifle


PanO reinforcements

After my Croc man sniper was complete there was some talking about running a little tournament as our club, and right away I knew I needed some more reinforcements for my proud warriors. So for a few weeks I panted up some minis I thought I might use, and the result would be this bunch

First of a few more fusiliers, I needed some support and got myself a HMG and while I was at it, I painted the last normal fusilier model as well.

After this basic support group I needed some specialists, and the first one out was a Aquilla guard, probably the most hated miniature ever in our club, here he is in a picture before I got his base done, he didn't have one at the tournament as I didn't have time to finish it...

And lastly the night before the tournament I finished a Auxilia, but not her fellow droid so in the end she didn't make the cut.


Epic Death Guard Warhound

About 1 - 1½ years ago me and a friend played quite a lot of Epic Armageddon. I think we almost managed one game a week for quite some time.

At the time I was quite into creating myself a chaos army, and more to the point, a Death Guard army. I came quite far in making it, with almost every model green stuffed in some way. But one model never got so far, and our interest ebbed out just as I was building him, and that was my Warhound titan.

But now under threats of violence (or at least a new kindled interest in the game again) my buddy wanted to see how far I really got with, so, here he is, the ugliest titan this side of the galactic center, the destroyer of other small things and stinker of Nurgle! WarBob!