40k Imperial Guard - part XIII

I thought that I should get all my minis out and see what I have gotten done in the last few months. So far I've been painting my imperials for just over 2 ½ months, and I've now got quite a sizable army going.

This is an overview of the army, placed on a 2' by 3' table.
I still have quite a lot of minis left to do, including but not limited to; 2 squads of Storm Troopers, 2 squads of regular guardsmen, another squad of veterans, about 8 heavy weapon teams, a second unit of snipers and a bunch of characters such as commissars and psykers.
And when that gets closer to done, I still want to have a few more vehicles.

I also took some close ups of the units.

Here's a shot of the only 15 miniatures that was painted prior to me starting this up again. I panted them over 10 years ago and when I dug them out of again I had to do a few minor touchups. A few arms was loose or broken off and a head or two wasn't quite how I originally intended.

Some of the more resent additions, the command squad on the left is mostly made up of the command miniatures that was available back in the days, before plastic was used for anything else than tanks and rank-and-file.

My newest addition  with some tank support. The tank is since early in the 90ies, and I know I bought it when it was new and shiny, at the same time as the 2ed Imperial Guard codex appeared.

And here is a few of my precious really old school imperials (yeah, I still think the 2ed stuff is kind of new). I really like these and they still fit remarkable well with the new things, even if they are a bit on the small side since Citadel made 25mm miniatures back in the day, and not the 32mm that they are closer to today.

And a few more of my standard imperials , so far they have proven inefficient against marines, but capable at mowing down tau, at least if they have an officer screaming at them.

And lastly my so far only painted Russ tank, I do have another two that was painted at the same time as my chimera and Hellhound, but so far I haven't been able to get myself to try to remove the paint on them. The chimera needed about a month in green soap and 4-5 meeting with a toothbrush to be usable and I don't look forward to do it again.

Well that's what I have for now there is still lots to do and the next batch of minis is already on the painting table. But I might have a little break soon before I totally forgets how to paint with something else than wash and dip =)


40k Imperial Guard - part XII

Another day, another bunch of minis to show off.

This time I did a quick paint of a few Ratling Snipers. I wanted them to be in some sort of camo, but not totally out of place with the rest of the army.

So I tried to undercoat them in Army Painters Leather Brown, and then add spots with the khaki color I used on all the ordinary guardsmen. I'm not ecstatic over the result, but I think it will work quite ok in the end.

I also have plans for a similar camo pattern on my storm troopers when I get to pant those.


40k Imperial Guard - part XI

After my last game I found that I need some more heavy weapons if I am to get something killed with them, so with that in mind I got some spare miniatures out, found a few missile launchers and went for it.

So a few days later they stand done and painted on my table, ready for the next time when tanks are shooting at me.

I have some more weapons of miniature destruction on they way, and also some repaints of my rattling snipers, its time for them to get proper bases and some new snazzy clothing.


Battlereport Tau VS Imperial Guard

A few days ago I played my second game with my imperials, this time I even got some pictures of the action.

Since last time I've expanded my force enough to get 1500 kind of playable points on the table, and this time with not one, but three tanks!

My opponent had painted a bunch of Battlesuits he just had to try out, so I was more than a bit shocked to see ten of the arrayed on the board when I arrived with my army.

Imperial Guard
Company Command
Carapace Armour; Medi-pack; Regimental Standard; Vox Caster; Power Weapon

Primaris Psyker

Ratling Squad x 5

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad
Medi-pack; Platoon Standard; Vox Caster
Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher; Vox Caster
Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher; Vox Caster; Autocannon

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad
Medi-pack; Vox Caster; Meltagun; Bolt Pistol
Infantry Squad
Flamer; Vox Caster
Infantry Squad
Flamer; Vox Caster

Heavy Weapon Squad x 3
3 x Missile Launcher; 3 x Autocannon; 3 x Mortar

Veteran Squad
3 x Plasmagun; Vox Caster; Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon
Pintle Heavy Stubber; Multi-laser; Hull Heavy Bolter


Scout Sentinel x 3

Leman Russ Battle Tank
Hull Heavy Bolter

I don't have the complete army loadout for the tau, but it included these items

Gundrones x 2

Battle suits x 3

Battle suits x 3

Gundrones x 2

Battle suits x 3

Gundrones x 2

Firewarriors x 6

Kroot x 10
Kroot hounds x 3

Kroot x 10
Kroot hounds x 3

Phiranha x 2

Pathfinders x 8



The game itself was a capture and control with five objectives in a pitched battle deployment. The tau was sneaky and got first turn, so at least I got to deploy second


Tau deployment

Imperial Guard deployment

All deployed

Tau 1
The first turn started out bad for me, with far more marker lights than I like hitting my hellhound one of the hammerheads just flew forward and shot it to pieces. I was just glad that he only wrecked it so that all my infantry that took cover behind it didn't get cooked as well.
Other than that, most of his tanks and Kroot moved forward, the firewariors jumped inside the transport for the pathfinders and hid behind the house containing the first objective. The second hammerhead opened up on my missile launchers but only managed to get one of them. Fire form far to many battlesuits shook my chimera but other than that no damage was done.

End of turn

IG 1
During my turn I moved my chimera for all that it was worth, and got to unload my veterans in the side of the terrible hammerhead, I was hoping that a few well placed  plasma shots would end it.
I also moved most of my infantry up a bit, and getting my flamer on the right flank ready to cook some Kroot that had gotten into the forest right in front of them.
My orders worked perfectly almost the entire game, and on the left flank missiles opened up on the hammerhead (to no effect) snipers picked of one of the kroot in the back forest (and got the pinned no less) but the real action was on the right side where the kroot in that forest got a taste of imperial flamer and First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire!
Even though they threw themselves to the ground a fair number of them got shot down and the rest fled.
The veterans opened up on the hammerhead and got it stunned and immobilized, at least for the moment it sized to be a threat.
Also on the right flank the phiranas had taken a gamble and gone flat out towards my autocannons, in reply they opend up and destroyed on of them.

End of turn

Tau 2
The Tau did not like to be shot up with plasmaguns, so most of the army on that flank moved up to be able to give them some hurt, all but the Kroot, that continued to flee.
Battle suits moved up and got burst cannons, missiles and all other nasties ready to take out anything that had moved up in proximity of the centre.
On the left flank the guards unit that had run up to the ruin got a taste of the Tau leader and his suits, and even though they got to ground, a fair number of them got blown to bits, but they still held on.
The veterans got combined fire from the other two suit squads, and in a display on incredible rolls, two of them survived and held on, ready to give some back next turn.
The functional hammerhead got far to little help from the pathfinders and ended up missing the Leman russ completely.
The remaining phirana made a dash over to take out the veterans chimera, but the smoked it popped last round saved it. 

IG 2
In the next imperial turn the general advance up the table continued, on the left the company command and one of the platoon commands moved towards the ruin, and the platoon commander gave his superior a nice suggestion for them to run like hell, so they ended up in the ruin while they themselves took a potshot with the melta at the immobilized hammerhead and actually wrecked it. The remains of the squad in the center ruin moved closer to the forest with kroot on the other side.
My Leman Russ turned a bit to present a front to the hammerhead, so not to give it any ideas of side shots.
On the right all squads moved forward, the flamer squad and the veterans chimera move closer to the ruin with pathfinders to make them pay for the hellhound, while the platoon command and another squad moved into the forest to secure that objective. While the remaining veterans moved closer to the HQ suits.
In the shooting face the Russ saw a nice bunched up squad of suits in the backfield, and with a terrible accurate shot lay waste to them all, just a smoking crater remained.
In the center the flamer and some scattered shot from lasguns and snipers broke the kroot, that retreated to the back of the forest.
The veterans did not do so great, as they both got cooked by their own plasma and only managed one wound on the HQ squad, not a terrible fitting end to them.
But their remaining chimera and infantry squad did good work with the pathfinders, after all was said and done only three of them survived even though they went to ground. But they passed their test and stayed put.
During this missiles and autocannons continued to bounce of the hammerhead.

End of turn

Tau 3
This was a turn of amazing cover for the imperials.
The movement did not se much, but the hammerhead drifted a bit closer to the missiles and autocannon while the remaining phirana went flat out over to the Russ. Other than that the suits moved a bit to get clearer shots, the HQ went over to the center ruin and the other went after the chimera. The kroot on the right continued to run, while the ones on the left rallied and moved back on the objective.
In the shooting phase on the right a whole lot of fire went into the chimera, and lots of penetrating hits went though. But even about six to seven penetrating hits only managed to stun it and blow of the multilaser, neither of us could believe the amount of ones and twos that got rolled there.
Next the HQ opened up on the company command and the squad in the centre ruin, and with a amazing roll of cover only one of the members from the infantry squad was killed, all others was peachy.
With the Hammerhead things did not go better, although a lot of hits was generated, not a single guardsman fell, all thanks to some loose rocks and crumbling walls.

End of turn

IG 3
On this turn the flanking sentinels turned up, right behind the still functional hammerhead, in the centre the infantry squad went into the kroot held woods, and on the right the infantry went into the house held by the pathfinders and the Russ scooted a bit back to at least present a front to the phirana.
In the shooting phase the infantry on the right, backed up by orders from the platoon commander opened up on the pathfinders and killed them all, the autocannons on that flank opened up on the suits and with the help of the Primaris Psyker and snipers, killed all but one of them. The infantry in the centre lit up the kroots and killed all of them while the sentinels totally trashed the hammerhead. The final nail in the coffin for the tau was when the Russ scored another perfect shot and obliterated the entire HQ squad. With that we called it with the imperial forces in control of four objectives, and just inches from contesting the last one.

 End of game 

It was a really fun game, and even though we don't know the rules all that well, it went fairly quick. It's also nice to see a game of 40k with only painted miniatures (my hellhond wasn't done, but at least mostly painted) it's quite rare to see this where ever I go.

But untill next time I think I need to get some more heavy teams, they are at the very least good to draw fire away from other things, even if they don't really perform that well. I also like my hound, and if I manage to get hold of another it may even get to shoot once or twice.

Well, if you have any comments, questions or whatever, leave a comment and I'll see if I can get you an answer of some kind. 


Imperial Guard - part X

I played a game last weekend (battle report is on it's way) and I really wanted to bring my Hellhound, so I made a mad rush to try to finish it. I didn't make it in the end, but I at least got it so far that I could play with it.

In the game it didn't get a chance to perform at all, so I thought that it really needed that last paint and dipp to not blow up next time.

Here I have some pictures of it as I played it.

I used the same technique here as I have on all my tanks, and as this also was one of my cursed vehicles painted for the first time 15+ years ago I had to have it paint stripped first and I still think it sucks to do that.
The result is also that a lot of details are more or less gone, but as the level on this army is fairly low, I dont care that much, you'll still see what it is on the table.

After some more paint and a dipp followed up with some highlights this is what we are left with.

Next upp is the battle report from last game, then I think I'm going to need a few more heavy weapons, so a team or two is probably awaiting after that. But as always, I have a short attention span, so it might be something completely different.