Kings of War Undead

I've during the last few days spent some time with a few of my King of War miniatures, got thinking of it again after having it more or less dormant since the starterbox came out almost a year ago, during that time I painted up the skeletons that was included and did a few dwarfs as color tests.
This time I painted a few Wraiths that I bought about the same time as the startbox (think I even preordered it when they was announced) and the zombies that came with the box.

The Zombies are a bit fun in a way, on each sprue you really only get 3 zombies, but you get a few extra parts so that it's possible to make 4, if you just live with the fact that atleast 1 in 4 will be "missing" some vital part, such as legs (and in it's stead have a gooey trail) or upper body and in it's place have a spine and some intestines.

First of is the Wraiths, this is actually metal minis, something that Mantic Games is trying to avoid now, and use a type of plastic resin instead, but some units was released as metal, and then later recast in the resin stuff.
I painted them using the Armypainter dip, just a few colors and dip away, then I used Vallejos matt spray to dull them down, this was the first time I used that, and I thing I got a bit to much on here.

The zombies then, as can be seen I've opted for as many miniatures as possible, so I've used all the "spare" parts to make a few more or less whole zombies, but what does it matter, they are undead, it's not like the necromancer only takes the nice bodies he can find.

And thats that, until next time, when something else captures my mind and makes me paint again =)


Imperial Guard tanks

This time I have had a few transports and support to my previous infantry painted.
The batch consists of 9 Chimera transports and 3 Hellhound tanks, normally you need 7 transports for a company, but as I have a few Ogryns standing ready to be painted I thought it would be bad style not to include some nice rides for them as well.

First of is the Hellhounds

I've had this bunch standing on my painting table for well over 3 years, so it was high time that they got some love. I've never used them in a game, but I figure that something that spews fire all over the place must be good for something.

And then is the Chimera transports, not much to say really, I got them up from the shed a few days ago just to get some new transports. I have quite a few already painted, but in another color scheme and now very chipped paint as well, so they are going up for a repaint as soon as possible, just need to do all that boring paint stripping firsts...

And thats what I have for you today, more to come at a later date.


Imperial Guard infantry company

Since I found out with my imperial stormtroopers that it's easy to paint epic miniatures, and that I do have far to few things painted, I sprayed a infantry company that I built a long time ago. At that time I just built it, for use in a game, but the painting of them just didn't happen.
And for the last game I had I just sprayed them gray so that they at least had on colour on, and then I just took a few hours and got the rest of the paint on them a few night ago.

And it didn't turn out half bad at all

When I built it I did have some ideas to make a fairly boring unit at least a bit more fun, so one base shows whats going to happen if you don't use cover

And one what happens when a blood crazed berserker gets hold of you in close combat.

This also added a bit of color to the gray mass of infantry.

Next I thing Im going to make some transports to this unit, and perhaps some support.


It's epic time!

The last week or so I've been a bad boy, instead of painting the French troops I had planed, I got a strong need for some epic.
I did get a game in last week against a fellow player here, and it was really fun, and all though my Storm Troopers didn't by far perform as they should, I got to painting them anyways.

And the result can be seen here
I did go for a quite boring, but effective gray, as my more recently painted minis has this color, but to get a little bit of color on them I painted the left shoulders white with a red stripe, not much but at least you can see them now.
The miniatures themselves are from Dark Realm Miniatures and the game Seeds of War, I use a few of their minis for my Imperial army, mostly to get some different (and really cool) minis on the board, and not pay the more than overinflated prices of some GW minis.

So this is it for now, next... well I don't know, perhaps some more epic, or something completely different.