Battle Report: Black Powder - Skirmish in Bavaria, April 1809

About two weeks ago I got my miniatures together and left for another gaming club in the city. I was to introduce Black Powder to another gamer, and we got a game going as soon as possible.
As a introduction I set up two armies with just infantry and just a single austrian gun.

My opponent went for the french, so I took up the austrians.


The Austrians got the first turn, and started to move up, well, some of the army moved up, but the left flank stood around and wasn't that interested in moving

The French responded with quite the good going of orders and started to surround the Austrian Grenadiers, making them mighty uncomfortable

And they got somewhat of a warm welcome...

Next turn got the Austrian centre moving, taking up position to fire on the advancing Frenchmen, also the grenadiers got their ranks in order and advanced onto the teeth of the French.

The French could not have the Austrians in their lines, and charged in, trying to disloge grenadiers, by charging them in the side, but the tide was not on their side, and they in turn got pushed back, freeing the grenadiers from one attacker for the time being.

The second grenadier unit did not have the luck of the first one, and after receiving heavy fire from the skirmishers, they broke and ran for the hills.

On the other side of the field, fire was exchanged between the forces, but no real significant casualties was caused.

On the next turn the fire fight intensified on the left flank, and one of the Austrian units are forced back by the superior marksmanship och the French, in the centre one of the French skirmisher battalions are forced back after a good round of shooting from the infantry and cannon. And the grenadiers on the right fight of the last french unit.

The French fire on the right concentrates into the last grenadier battalion, breaking it and with that wipes that brigade of the table. Not a good day for the Austrian elite.

On the other side of the field the Austrians get to feel the burn, and the casualties are stacking up

The Austrian response are lacking as the brigade in the back, still refuses to move, just lazily deploying in lines, but not moving up at all. In the other brigade the pushed back battalion moves into line again, but can't get enough casualties into the French.

The French takes advantage of the hesitation in the Austrian lines, and pour enormous amounts of fire into the few men on the line, breaking one of the battalions and shaking the others, and in that the Austrian army had enough and retreats from the field with whatever is left.

In this game the Austrian could not du much right, and with only shaking two battalions in total and loosing far more, this was a resounding beating of my poor Austrians. They will have to do better next time!


Black Powder: Austrian - Line Infantry IR 7

After quite a lot of WWII stuff I need to get some napoleonic miniatures in here, and what I have f you day is Austrian Infantry Regiment no 7 - Schöder.

The regiment was part of the Division FML Lusigana during the battle of Teugn-Hausen together with IR56 Colloredo and was the second half of the first attack on the lines just outside Teugn. The Austrian attack was pushed back with quite heavy casualties on both sides, but the Austrians got outflanked in the later part of the morning by the French in the form of 10ème Légère that Davout sent back after they had already passed through Teugn earlier in the day.

IR 7 was one of the largest regiments that fought around Teugn-Hausen, numbering 16 complete companies, lacking only two for the full 18 that was the papper strength for regiments at this time. This also ment that Division FML Lusigana was the largest on the field that day, as IR56 was only one company short, totaling them only lacking about 600 men, quite a feat for a Division.

This battalion can also bee seen in my last battle report, where they fought valiantly against some very hard light troops.

Until next time, play responsibly!


Bolt Action: US Marine Corps - M5A1 Stuart

It's time for some more armoured action from my Bolt Action Marines, here I have a M5A1 Stuart light tank, used a bit by the marines in the pacific theatre.

The Stuart in it's different configurations was used almost from all the pacific campaigns, from 1941 and the Philippines and forward, but later in the war most was replaced by M4 Sherman tanks instead

I wanted it to look dirty, run down and rather unkindly handled by the jungle, and still have some camouflage on it. I found this general camo from some pictures I found, and so I went over it and dirtied it up as best as I could

Just because I had the transfers, I also named the tank as Marines was well known to do, this little one is called The Bomb, perhaps not the most fitting name, but gives some humour to one such small tank.