Swedish TYW Cuirassiers

 After some drying time for the bases and varnish, it's time to show my latest addition to my growing Swedish army; the Cuirassiers.
I painted them up with the black armor that was the hot stuff back in the 17th century. They did paint up very quickly as I used the colored primers from Army Painter to get the horses almost done with just that, and with a black undercoat on the riders there wasn't much else on them to paint.

I did however go for and Infantry flag as the standards, I thought the small cavalry flags that apparently was frequently used was, well a bit small for something as grand as tanks of the day. So I went for something bigger.

Overall I'm pleased with how the unit turned out, the only thing I have to complain about is that there was a large amount of flash on most of the riders, large bits of metal was lodged between the legs in thin sheets and a fair few of the weapons had been bent and twisted to that a few broke as I tried to bend them back. It was fixable and I got a few extra arms so I did survive but it was a little annoying and fixing the miniatures took far more time than painting them in the end.

But enough whining from me, lets look at some pictures instead!


TYW Swedish Artillery

As a stage in my quest to be done with my TYW army before the Pike and Shotte rules hits my doorstep, I've now finished my two cannons that I've had sitting for far to long. After the commanders this was the one thing that I really was missing in the army. So with this my army is now playable, if perhaps a bit small.

As with the other parts of this army they got a treatment of base colors and then a little dip in Army painter dip, well not a dip as I brush it on, but you get the point.

The gun on the right is from Perry Miniatures and their ECW range, the other one is a Worlord Saker cannon. I think they match each other really well and will look good on the field of battle.

Some other angles


Terrain for TYW

As inspiration hit me and I started to paint again on my TYW army, I also started to think about what terrain I would like to have for my army, and the idea of a village of some kind sprung to mind, so set out to create a test piece to see what I could do, and if I should do something at all.

The house I have put together is a rather large one, I wanted something that could be the center of the town, perhaps a house for the local lord or something similar.

The whole thing measures about 22cm long, 12 wide and 14 to the apex, I also added a little front portico just to make it a bit more interesting, and challenge myself to see if I could get the roofs together.

The basic of the house is foamcore with balsa and matchsticks to create the beams and in between I've thrown on some filler with a bit of paint mixed in.
The roof is made out of lots and lots of paper strips that i cut to a width of 5mm and then glued them on a card base with a little overlap here and there and with different length.

Overall I'm quite satisfied, but I'm not sure that this is different enough from my Spanish terrain to make a whole set, the look is not extremely different but it's a lot of extra work.

But until I decide to make more or not, here's a few pictures;


Adobe buildings - Part III

I've gotten some more Adobe style buildings done, I made this batch a little bit bigger so that a 40k sized game should be able to fit a squad, or at least most of a squad into them. I also tried a little thing and made one of them with a removable roof. This also hade the nice side effect that I got some beams pointing out, something I tried on my first building to no great success, as I just glued them on the outside then. No I made a few holes all around the house and stuck them in there with glue on them.
All in all it turned out quite nice.
I also experimented a bit with what color I used in the filler that I cover the entire building in for structure and base color all in one.
I also varied the amount of filler I used to get a feeling of a newer house and a older, more rugged house.

I also just noticed how the new house apparently don't have any door handles… This must be the new thing in anti-theft device, if you can't come in you can't steal anything, brilliant!

Other than that, there isn't much to tell. I'm getting to a quite good little collection of houses, a few more and I can more or less cover a 4' by 4' table in them.


Swedish TYW commanders

I've finally got myself fired up about some historical miniatures, mostly because Warlord has it's game system for ECW and TYW on they way, apparently later this spring or early summer is the talk now.

So to get my army ready for this I painted up the commanders I have had laying around forever. So I got them going, got the commanders painted, added a few standard bearers and such to make it more interesting.

I also painted up my C-in-C, Gustavus Adolphus, the mini I have is the Warlord one, and as it depicts him in a rather flamboyant style, he did not get any standard. in my head he has left them far behind to get hold of the enemy himself. I rather like the pose they have for him, it's very much a pose I can see him in, leading his Finnish cavalry in a headlong charge.

I'm all in all quite satisfied with the miniatures this time around, I still have to get some matt varnish over them, as with most of my army. The only thing that got me a bit upset was when I edited the photos here, and saw that one of the banners for my commanders is up side down... Ah well, I'll have to live with it...

But, we need some pictures, and here they are;


Iron Painter 2012 - Entry done

I did manage to finish my entry in time, the little goblin looks quite nice on the base I finally managed to get done, I was more than a little concerned with not having enough time to actually finish the piece, but a final effort this evening got the last few licks of paint on there and photos taken and composed into one entry.

And here for your viewing pleasure is the finished work;


The Iron Painter 2012 WIP

I was asked to provide some WIP pictures of my work for this competition, and well.. I’m a bit slow here but yesterday I got the camera out and snapped a few quick pictures.

The miniature is from Rackham and one of the last Confrontation miniatures the released before going over to prepaints and mostly just taking a huge nosedive. I bought it many years ago, right as the Confrontation scene died here in Sweden.

But aside from that it’s a really cool miniature and I’m glad that the competition got me going in completing at least one of them.

But enough of that, here is some pictures:


40k Imperial Guard - part XVI

I finished these guardsmen about 1½ weeks ago, but I haven't had time to post much here in since I started with my Iron Painter challenge.  But now I've finally gotten my act together and edited the photos and got them uploaded.

Just as will all the others I just slap on some paint to get them done, so there isn't  much to say about them, other than I'm starting to see the end of the infantry, right now I only have some storm troopers, a few more ratlings, some veterans and a bunch of characters.

Until I get some more time to post again, here are some pictures

First squad

Second squad

and a few detail shots of the second squad members