Dark Angels - Part XIX - Ravenwing Bikes IV

So bikes then, this is my second squadron of bikes that I can field, but the first one that is the full size of 6 bikes and 1 attack bike. All these bikes have been given the no 7 on their shoulders so togeter they form a whole unit. I'm meaning to set a 7 on my completed metal speeder as well to really give them the whole 10-man unit feel.

As this unit is to be full size I added a real sergeant to them and I gave him a Power Fist, this has already paid for itself as he has been included in 4 games so far, and in two he has crashed into a Leman russ tank och blown it up (ofc he died in one of those occations…) and in the others he has smacked some orks on the head, and died inches from crashing into necron warriors… He can't win them all you know.

The unit then, the painting is nothing new, it's the same as all the other Ravenwing units, the bases has been given a slight theme, and if the unit is placed right you can make up the street they are raceing down. It turned out quite good, but the bikes kind of covers up the most of it.

Well here you have some more pictures, taken during the last weekends turnament, with a insanly good looking Forge World City Fight table as background.


Dark Angels - Part XVIII - Ravenwing Attack bike I

 I've just finished my attack bikes for the month, or I did finished them about tree weeks ago, but I've been far to busy and lazy so I haven't had time to take any pictures of them. But yesterday we had a small tournament at our club, and while we all got sorted and marveled at a ForgeWorld cityfight table that one in our group had bought and painted I snapped a few quick pictures of them with this amazing board as a backdrop 

 It's possible to see on the rightmost bike here that I've added numbers to the shoulder pads as well, and my plan is to do this to all my bike squads, and I've now started with these bikes. The bikes that's already completed will get their number added as I go along with other minis. As you can only see the 6 on the right bike, I can tell you that the left one is no 7.

As have been done with all previous bike these did get a base color done with my airbrush, a few washes and then all the details done. Rather simple, but it makes a fairly good model in the end. I've also magnetized the weapons, so both of them can carry either a heavy bolter, or a multi melta.

I have also completed a squadron of bikes to go with one of these attack bikes, but they will make an appearance in the next post


Dark Angels - Part XVII - Ravenwing Land Speeder III

After a long absence here I think it's time to get something done here. Since last I haven't painted as much as I would have liked, far to many other things to do right now. But I have done something at least!

I entered a little hobby progress challenge over at The Independent Characters forum the idea is to complete at least one unit each month, and be done with a full 1850 point army by the end of November.
I took this as an opportunity to get my ravenwing stuff painted and on the boards. So I have entered with this in mind.

The exact army I'm going to end up with is not something I have decided yet, I have only had the new army book for a few weeks and I'm still a bit uncertain what to do. But my first thing to paint was another Land speeder, and so I did and here it is;

If you notice the base, it's the same one as I used on my old school speeder that I did before the new year, the reason for this is that I used my brand new speeder just after the holidays, and well... a metal model is a bit heavy, so much in fact that the magnet I used was not up to the task of holding it, so while we moved some stuff on the other side of the table, the speeder took a nose dive right of the table into the floor, smashing it quite a bit. The result was this;
The whole body was twisted as well, that can't be seen here, but it was quite a lot of work to get it together again and I was a bit sick of it at the time. I uttered a lot of bad words as I put it together again and tried to figure out what to do with it now.
So in frustration I threw together a new base for it, this time with two flight stands to hold it up, the old one with a magnet is still there, but I also added a new hole and a new stand for added stability, and now it won't go anywhere.

The base is not as nice as the other ones, but it's functional, and thats what counts at the moment.