Infinity: Morat Sogarat

Another miniature has now been completed, this time I got the heavily armoured Sogarat Tempest Regiment miniature with Feuerbach from the Morat starter pack. I think that Corvus really has it down how you are supposed to depict power armour, I think Games Workshop has a thing or two to learn from theses Spaniards.

I also got a base painted for this one, and with that I have decided what bases I'm going to use. The winner is Urban Fight bases from Micro Art Studios, that I had one of them might have influenced the decision a bit...
Unfortunately Alphaspel sold their last 25mm bases in this theme only minutes before I completed my order to them, so now I have to wait for them to get a new batch in... So my poor apes will have to be baseless for some time. I'll have to paint more of them until the bases arrive instead!

Anyhow, here is the pictures on the Sogarat.

And here is some close-ups on the base.

I think the base complements the figure quite nice, and I'm satisfied with how it turned out.


Infinity: Morat Vanguard

This time I got to paint some of Corvus newest sculpts, and they are just amazing, they have well defined details, and they are razor sharp. They have also started using square pegs in the arms and such, that helps quite a bit when it comes to putting them together.

Anyhow, this is the result of quite a few hours of painting, a broken airbrush and cursing myself for doing three minis at once, next time I'll limit myself to one or two after I have done the airbrush base on them.

First one

Second one

And the last one

Still haven't decided on bases, I will have a look at all the resin bases in my local shop before I decide anything.

Until next time, paint responsibly!


Infinity: Morat Kurgat

So after some vacation time and some non painting time, I finally finished the Kurgat model I started some weeks ago, or well I've finished painting him, but I still haven't made any base for him. I can't quite decide if I should continue with the bases I have on my old miniatures, or if I should just start over with something totally different.

So for the time being he will remain baseless.

And here I have some pictures of him in his finished form

It's not even close to Ángel Giráldez quality, but I'm quite satisfied, and it was very fun to just take one miniature and paint that, and not have an entire army sitting in front of you.

I have now started a few Morat Vanguards as well, this is some quite new miniatures from the good folks over at Corvus, and they are amazing in sculpting quality. If you have any interest in Sci-fi miniatures you should most defiantly check them out.


Infinity Interlude

The last time I more or less looked at an Infinity miniature was over four years ago, but the other week I was looking though my stash of bits and bobs in miniature form for items to sell of, and I stumbled over my old miniatures that I never got around to unpacking one thing led to another and just a few days later I was reading a bit on this new version that Corvus Belli released about half a year ago.

So now I'm trying to figure out what has changed, how it worked at all and if I can build something with what I've got. I also got really inspired to just paint something, and put some work into a single miniature.
It has been quite some time since I spent more than about 15 minutes on a single miniature, and I can't remember the last time I only painted one miniature in the same batch.

I also got a new airbrush compressor, that might have something to do with that I started painting this...

Anyhow I only got about two hours of work into this first miniature, and since I'm leaving for vacation in a few hours, I'm not going to finish this one, but I took some pictures anyway.

So here is some WIP pictures of my Kurgat Assault Engineer

Then just for fun I took one with a few of the miniatures I painted about five years ago, as a comparison shot