Imperial Guard - part XVII - Rough Rider Conversions

During the last game that I had we started talking a bit about Rough Riders and if I should get me a few to try out. Now I do have some massacred old attilan figures that looks like hell, and they did not turn out better when I tried to change heads on them. So if I wanted to try them I had to come up with something else. 

Then I noticed that I had a pack of Perry Miniatures French Dragoons sitting on my shelf, I'm not really into napoleonics right now, so I pick up a few of them and stuck some cadian parts on them.

In an effort not to waste to many nice Perry Minis doing something like Rough Riders, I decided to magnetize at least all the weapon arms, so that I could make a few with lances and have the option of creating a few special weapons to put on them in the future. And a second nice thing is that I can transport them a lot easier when I don't have to fit the 80mm lances I put on them.

So far I have only really done one weapon option, and that's for my sergeant, he has the option of a chain sword or a power sword, depending on the mood of the day.

Here's a bunch of pictures on them so far

And each of them in a little more detail

Alternative sergeant

Finally all the magnetized parts I've stuck together right now


  1. Would you mind telling me where the lances are from? I really like them and awesome conversions by the way :D

    e-mail: joshuapago@hotmail.com

    1. Absolutley, they are 80mm pikes from Perry Miniatures, they are now sold by Warlord Games instead and you can find them here: