Bolt Action: US Marine Corps - M3 Half-track

In a continuation of armour for the marines I know have a Half-track, this is one of the earlier Warlord models, so it's all in metal and resin. And for me I'm glad that they switched it out for a plastic one, for this wasn't a fun model to put together. Lots of flash to remove and more than a few parts that didn't fit that well together.

But together it went and I magnetized the MMGs so that I can present it with the right amount of guns.

As far as painting goes I perhaps went a bit overboard with the weathering, but I wanted it to look like it had been thrown into the jungle and been used there with minimal support as fits some marines stuck on an island.


  1. Impressive work on this Half Track. I think your weathering looks great - likely the jungle weather and humidity would do this. Great idea on using magnets for the MG's too.

  2. That is absolutely stunning!