Team Yankee - Soviet T-72 tanks

About 3-4 months ago I got the opportunity to by some second hand T-72 tanks. I was at the time not that into Team Yankee (TY), having looked at it, and decided that napoleonics was more my thing then. But I got a good price on them so I picked them up.
No go forward a few months and I was at a gaming konvention playing Flames of War WWII (another new thing since last time, I'll get back to that) But there was also a TY tournament and I got got stuck watching, learning the rules and watching the game play and seeing some great looking armies.
So I got home, started reading a few books (Red Storm Rising and the book the game is based on, Team Yankee) and I was stuck...

The tanks I got had to to be repainted, all since they already had a base coat and highlights on them, but not really in any color I had, but they had been airbrushed so that was no problem and I got stuck in and this is the result of that.

Here is the whole battalion

And here is the command tanks

Company 1

Company 2

I now have batch of Infantry in the works, a few BMP armored transports and a bunch of T-64 tanks, the later I still have most to build. I'll try to get a post going as soon as I get them done.

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