Back with more Infinity

I've finally gotten some internet going at home, I don't have my computer set up though, so I'm still lagging a bit behind in taking photos of my miniatures. But since they are all in boxes right now, that's not really a problem ;)

But I do have some older photos still to show, and my thought was to show the last batch of PanO figures, or at least the last ones I've painted already.

First of is my droid detachment, everyone needs some droids and the droids needs some back up.

The first out is my Bulleteer droids, they do however proxy Peacemakers from time to time (thats the same droid but with another droid in tow)

And then we have the Auxbots, they are the helpers to among others the Auxilia I showed in a previous post and to the Bulleteers to make them into Peacemakers

And to use the fine droids you need to have a hacker to support their combat protocols and broadcast their information, this is a Fusilier hacker, the cheapest to get in a PanO force, and since they are all kind of bad at their hacking job, this one gets used a lot when I want to use my droids.

And to keep them all in working order a mechanic is needed, but as with all PanO specialists, this one isn't very good at his job, but he looks kind of ugly at least =)

And while the mechanic keeps the droids in one peace, I also have a doctor to keep the more fleshy parts of the force in fighting order. This one has saved a few people, but I think that was more of a mistake than a proof of her skill, but the mini is nice and painted up really easily.

And finally I have a photo when a few of my unbased miniatures got a real base, so now they look like they should.

And thats all from me for today, I'll try to get a bit more even in my postings from now on, just need to get a few boxes unpacked and my painting area set up again.

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