Infinity comes back

I've been a bad boy and not updated this page as I should; I've been far too busy painting rooms, getting stuff out of the way and digging up the whole garden. But at least I got my computer up and running a few days ago, so now “all” I have to do is the tedious work of installing every program I need. So far this has not been the case, I still need to get my imaging software installed and I still need to get a decent photo area set up as well.

So, to at least show some kind of twitching in the corps that is this blog, I’ll post some of the other infinity miniatures I’ve painted. So far I’ve shown all the PanOciania minis I have, but I also have a Combined Army force, mostly made up by Morats (I almost always play the Morat sectorial list)

First of I have my first minis painted for this, a Charontid and a Daturatzi, I got myself a startbox, and this was the first two that got completed from that   

Charontid on the left, and the Daturatzi on the right

Next is a Morat Vanguard with a HMG, everyone needs a bigger gun =)

This next fellow is a Rasyat, a nice little fellow with a jump pack and a really bad attitude, I’ve had curses thrown at me for one of these more than once

And then a little photo of them all together, just like a sweet little dysfunctional family, with a habit of killing people

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