Imperial Guard - part XIX - Rough Riders part II

Now my prototype Rough Riders are done.
They are painted just like every other guardsman in my army, just a little bit more kit bashed =)

Just before I started painting them I got the comment that something should be done with the lances as thay are supposed to be explosive. After some pondering on this I settled for just a little power pack on them and painted the tips just like my power weapons. In my head they aren't explosive, but more have a one use charge to power up the lances. Then real power stuff is left for higher officers.

Over all I'm really quite pleased, they don't look terrible, they fit in the army and the magnetized arms works great, can't wait to get some more different weapons done for them, and perhaps make another 5 of them so I can have a quite large unit, or two smaller to make life miserable for my opponent.

Enough of that, here's the pictures;

My sergeant with alternative arm.

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