Imperial Guard - part XX - Demolisher

I've been far to lazy for my own good in getting things on this blog. I haven't had as much time as I'd like to do hobby stuff, but about 3 weeks ago I got another one of my tanks ready for the field.

This Demolisher I got right when they first came out way back when 2ed was still the hot thing. Since then it has mostly sat dormant in a box in a few different basements. But now I got it out again and put it in some green soap to clean of the previous layers of color. And there was a lot… Back in those days I apparently thought that if you have a crappy yellow color that you want on your model, the right thing is to put LOADS of it on. So I had to have it soaked for about 1½ months before I could get most of it off.
While doing so I also successfully got the sponsorns off it so that they at least could be magnetized. Unfortunately I no longer have the plasma or bolter weapons that should have gone in it, so I have to make due with the multi meltas that's on there now.

Other than that I upgraded the hatch to a new one, and placed one of the new commanders in it, the hatch that was on it from when I first built it was not that whole anymore. I also got a new dozerblade magnetized on.

And the resulting model looks like this now 

And here are the parts that I've magnetized, I had to build some new hatches under the sponsorns since I never bothered to glue them on when I first put this tank together.

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