Dark Angels - Part IV - Bases

I've made some test bases to get a concept going on how I should base the Dark Angels. So far I'm into two thoughts. One is a dark wasteland swamp kind of thing, and the other is a more jungle inspired thing, a bit lighter in tone, green shrubbery and such where the other will have mostly dark dirt, a few dark/black plants, some dark wet areas and a few small patches of grass.

So I made myself a test base of how each of then could look. For now I've left the sides black, I might do the jungle variant in a different side color, but I kind of like the definition it gives to the base.

I took some photos of the base as they are, and some with my test miniatures on, when I do the real bases I'll match them a bit better for the mini that is actually going to stand there, and I'll probably do them with the minis on then to start so that then don't look quite as much as they are standing on top of everything.

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