Dark Angels - Part III - Ravenwing bike

I've been more than a bit slow this last month, both with painting and with posting here. But now I have another little part of my future Dark Angels army completed.
As I got the Dark Vengeance set about a week and a half ago, I just had to try to paint one of the bikes in the set, both to try the minis in the set, and to get a painting scheme to do my Ravenwing in.

I read about a technique where you start out with a gray base, and then use black wash to build up the color you want, getting a bit of highlights and shading all in one go. So I tried this and I have to say that I like the thought behind, and i believe it will work really well, I just started out with a gray that was to dark, so I had to get some standard highlights in after all. The next one will have a lighter base color so I don't have to do this. Other than that, I made the cloak the same way as I did it on the last robed marine, starting with a dark brown base, and then going though beige up to almost white. On the parchment I did go up to white, and had a bit more contrast between the beige and the brown.
The silver parts got a black base and straight silver with black and brown wash over it. I did highlight it a bit with the base color in some places, just to get it a bit lighter than with just the washes. I also left all the silver and gold details with a gloss varnish, most of the rest of the mini got a mat varnish over the gloss to tone it down a bit more.

Well that most of what I have today, I do have a few more marines standing almost completed on the painting table, but as I'm waiting for a unnamed online store to actually deliver what I have ordered, they are all missing things like arms, a few heads, some shoulder pads and weapons. So they will have to be photographed at a later date when I got the parts in and had time to complete what is missing.

Until then, here are some shots from different angles.

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