Dark Angels - Part V - Tactical Marines I

I've finally got some new Dark Angels painted. As usual the going is slow, but every now and then something new gets done.
This time I've finished 4 ordinary tactical marines from the Dark Vengeance box set. The minis are actually quite good, a few strange pieces are on them, and a few details looks good from one angle, but is mostly a lump of plastic from another. But overall they are nice and paints up really well.

I did the first four here in one go, now that I have the paints down it's not that hard to do a few at a time, but I don't think I'll ever do more than 4 or 5, it just takes to long with each color then.

Here I have some pictures of them. As usual there are no bases on them, but I do have an idea of how they are going to look, and I've started to make bases for all of them, and they are not any of the variants I've done so far.

The photos then… well they turned up green, so they are not my best work. It was quite dark when I took them, but I'll try to do a better job when I get them based.

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