Dark Angels - Part XIX - Ravenwing Bikes IV

So bikes then, this is my second squadron of bikes that I can field, but the first one that is the full size of 6 bikes and 1 attack bike. All these bikes have been given the no 7 on their shoulders so togeter they form a whole unit. I'm meaning to set a 7 on my completed metal speeder as well to really give them the whole 10-man unit feel.

As this unit is to be full size I added a real sergeant to them and I gave him a Power Fist, this has already paid for itself as he has been included in 4 games so far, and in two he has crashed into a Leman russ tank och blown it up (ofc he died in one of those occations…) and in the others he has smacked some orks on the head, and died inches from crashing into necron warriors… He can't win them all you know.

The unit then, the painting is nothing new, it's the same as all the other Ravenwing units, the bases has been given a slight theme, and if the unit is placed right you can make up the street they are raceing down. It turned out quite good, but the bikes kind of covers up the most of it.

Well here you have some more pictures, taken during the last weekends turnament, with a insanly good looking Forge World City Fight table as background.

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