Imperial Roman: Auxilia II

I've now completed the second unit from my Auxiliary box. In this unit I used most of the metal command miniatures that you received in the box, and I've also made some slight conversions by using a few left over swords from legionaries and added them to the auxilia minis, just to make them a bit different and have a more "close combat" unit that has already thrown most of their spears or have had them rendered useless by the close fighting.

Some pictures is needed I think;

This also brings my first command to completion if you see to the little army list I posted here. Next on my table is a few miniatures I'm going to use as my light auxilia unit. It's going to be a more kind of "hired help" kind of unit.


  1. Splendid work on the shields and basing - your Imperial army is growing. Perhaps a group photo in the future to see the full might of Rome on display?

  2. More wonderful work, well done.