Imperial Roman: Auxilia III

So I've finally completed my two units of light auxilia, this has taken some time, mostly because I was an idiot and first only made enough miniatures to do two bases, for some reason I thought they was supposed small... But no... So I had to paint some more but here they are!

I've made these by combining some parts from Warlord Games and their celts and some many parts form Wargames Factorys celts and some of their vikings as well. So, there is quite a mishmash of different things =)

Overall they turned out ok, the Wargames Factory bits are not the best, there isn't that much details to use and well... They are quite bad, but since I had them I thought I should use them.

But enough of that, lets show some pictures

First unit

And the second unit

Also took a little picture of the two units and my other auxiliary unit

Right now then I'm a bit stuck, I have more Romans to paint but I placed an order for some metal command models of different kinds, and they have been delayed and should arrive in 3-5 week. So until then I'll pause this project and look at another little thing I have fooled some other people in my local gaming club into joining.
More on that in another post :)

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