Bolt Action: US Marine Corps - Reinforcements

After the first two squads, leader and sniper team I still had some miniatures left. With these I decided to make some reinforcements.
First I needed something that could take on the Chi-Ha tank I have for my IJA, so I put together a bazooka team. Then I wanted to be able to field my squads as early marines as well, and those only had eight men in each, so I used the last ones to create a new NCO for a third squad, a SMG trooper, another BAR gunner and lastly a single rifleman.

This rounded out my force of americans, so that I now can field three squads of eight men, two that includes two BARs each, and one that only contains one. To this I have the support of a lieutenant with a assistant, a sniper team and a bazooka. Not to bad with a single box of infantry.

Next up I'm thinking of adding a Sherman tank to the force, and I have been looking around a bit on the warplanes rules that Warlord has put out, and I'm thinking of getting hold of some air-power for them.


  1. Superb painting Ulf, the nuanced layers of greens, the subtle highlights on weaponry and your attention to the basing contributes to the overall impression. Some of the best work you've done in my opinion

    1. Thanks a lot for those words, I'll do my best to keep it up!

  2. This collection is looking superb :)

  3. Splendid, a great job!