Dropzone Commander: PHR - Neptune colour test

So after being to Salue I got inspired to get going on my Dropzone things again. Not only that but I acquired a substantial army from a club mate that wanted to slim his possessions a bit.

So I got a Neptune, put it together and loaded the airbrush and started painting. I'm not quite sure that I got all the details done quite as I want it, some small things might change. But in essence this is what my army will look like.

I wanted to keep it quite simple and do most of it with the airbrush, so that I can get a army ready for the table before I grow old and die.

The colour pallet is quite simple, and if there is interest I might to a little tutorial in how I paint these. Please write a comment if that is something you would like to see.

Until next time!


  1. Man, those propulsion blaster blues look spot on - I've tried to paint these once on a Star Wars Star Destroyer, but they weren't easy to do. If you post a step-by-step on that thing, I'd be very grateful!

    1. Then I'll try to do that, but mostly the secret for them is an airbrush =)

    2. Did any tutorial get made? As I'd love to see one.

    3. Well... not yet as I have been a bad boy and not painted any more of them since this post... But one will get made as soon as I paint another of the dropships!