Salute 2015 I

So I got myself to Salute this year, this has been something I have tried to get to for the last 5 years or so, and this year it finally worked out.

I did this whole thing as a single day trip, so I started my "day" at just before 3AM in the morning to arrive just in time for the opening in London, 8 hours later (I had to cross a time zone as well).

This first post I will dedicate to the Hawk Wargames stand, they had a little stand with a gigantic space ship. This is the same ship that has travelled the world, but this time it was done!

The play pieces for the upcoming fleet game

And some closeups

Then there was some new minis on display for Dropzone Commander as well

And for its so awesome here is some more pictures of the big ship

As a little special for Salute they also had a few, I heard 50, play pieces of the Avenger Strike Carrier, and I manage to get hold of one of them.

That's what I have for now. I still have quite a few pictures but this was the main thing for me and my tripp. I'm just a little disappointed that I didn't get one of the show-only double decker buses, they sold out in less than 30 minutes...


  1. Great pics, that Dropship was simply fantastic! Just imagine taking that home, what would the Mrs say?????

    1. Yeah the dropship was amazing, cant believe all the details they have crammed into that thing.

      I had a little chat with my wife about this this, and well, in short I think I would end up on the street if I took something like that home ;)

  2. Those new space ships look cool.