Black Powder: Austrian - Grenadier Regiment Peccaduc

After a long time of no activity I've gotten time to finish of another unit. To mix things up I did a grenadier battalion. The battalion I choose was Peccaduc, this battalion has some conflicting information about it. From some sources they stood with Archduke Charles and I reserve corps at the small village of Grub during the battle of Teugn-Hausen, but then they seems to move with II reserve corps towards Abensberg. This might be for that this battalion is known under three different names, and it got changed during this time.

First the was commanded by Major August Picot de Beccaduc Baron Herzogenberg and known either as Peccaduc or as Beccadüc. Then after the battle of Abensberg they are known as Legrand. So, there is a possibility that this battalion did not stand as Grub, or they did, but got confused in the reports with another battalion that was with II reserve and marched of to do battle at Abensberg.

I've choosen to think that they did stand at Grub and then marched of to Abensberg, this just makes them seem more bad-ass, and that's what grenadiers do.

After they got hammered at Abensberg they withdrew too once again take to the field at Wagram, under FML Prochaska they formed part of the line between the villages of Süssenbrunn and Aderklaa and keeping Massena from breaking out with his cops there, also they was involved in the destruction of the great square, formed by the french army of Italy under the command of GD Macdonald.

As for the painting of this unit, I went for representing two of the regiments that makes up this battalion, namely the 55 and 56. Regiment no 9 was also in the mix, but as they had a green color as well I choose to just use the other two here. I also gave the unit the white Leibfahne that most regiments had one of, but here it differentiate them quite a lot from all other units, and that's always good on the tabletop.


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    1. Thank you, I am rather pleased with how they turned out