Black Powder: Austrian - 6th Kürassiere Regiment

I've finished the first cavalry regiment for my Austrian army. This is the Gottesheim cuirassier regiment that was part of II Reserve Korps under Michael von Kienmayer, but during most of the 1809 campaign they was detached to I Reserve Korps instead.
As such they did not see much action during the early parts of the campaign, but they did see some serious action on the 22th april at Alteglofsheim and the cavalry battle there.

As the French drove the austrian army away from Eggmühl the austrian cavalry reserve made a stand at Alteglofsheim to hold the french cavalry back and allow the infantry to retreat in good order. On the Austrian side stood about 32 squadrons of cavalry, including the 1st and 6th Kürassiere regiments. On the french side there was over 60 squadrons arrayed, including four regiments of Cuirassiers and 2 regiments of Carabiniers, the french finest.

Even though they fought valiantly they was catastrophically outnumbered they made two charges into the french and then withdrew having delayed the french enough to allow the majority of the infantry to get away in the darkness. Giving Napoleon victory, but not a smashing one and could be said to be the very beginning of his downfall years down the road.

The miniatures then, they are actually made from french plastic heavy cavalry from the Perrys, I let them keep the backplate that the realy did not have. And changed heads to the helmeted infantry ones from Perrys austrian infantry box. I also trimmed away a lot of epaulets and extra fabric from the arms and neck that the French had, giving them the more simple look that the Austrian had.

Is it perfect, well no, there are a few things that are wrong with them, but they are good enough for my purposes and far cheaper and more accessible than the metals that are out there.

Thanks for this time, I'll have more to show you as soon as I can get some more writing time.


  1. Nice conversion work. Look great.

  2. Beautiful result Ulf, I really like that you gave them that big a flag, really adds a lot of character to the unit! Looking forward to seeing them IRL.

    1. Thank you. Yes the flag does give them a intimidating presence =)
      And they are going live this week when we have a little dustoff between these and my french troops