Black Powder: Austrian - Landwehr

So as I got quite a few miniatures left over in my Landwehr box after I made my Jägers I put together a battalion of ordinary Landwehr as well. During the battles around Eggmühl there wasn't any Landwehr on the field in any of the battles. And as far as I can find there was no battalions at all in any of the Korps, but when we come to the battles of Aspern-Essing and Wagram there are some. So I took hold of that and I plan on adding a few units, if nothing else it's nice to have some really low quality troops around sometimes.

At Aspern-Essling the III Korps are noted to have two battalions of Landwehr, they aren't noted to have been part of the Korps at Teugn-Hausen, so they must have been picked up in the days following the battle somewhere. I have no idea of where they are from or if they made any combat contact at all at Aspern, if they even showed up for the battle, as far as I can tell, there seems to be a quite common occurrence that they more or less took their things and went home on the eve of battle.

I choose my colours from the Victrix box where this is named as "Austrian Landwehr", well if this is true or not is probably something for someone else to argue about, as they often had uniforms that they had either made themselves, or been made for them but in a color that was both available and took the fancy of their colonel at the time. So most likely not a single battalion had the same things as any other, and more than likely not even as themselves.

But light gray looks good next to the whites of the line and dark grey of the jägers so this is how they turned out.
I also gave them a flag, Landwehr often more or less stole old discarded flags from line regiments as they wasn't really allowed to have any, so I gave this battalion an old 1792 issue flag, I imagine that the raided some barracks of the local regiment and took what they found.