Bolt Action: US Marine Corps - M5A1 Stuart

It's time for some more armoured action from my Bolt Action Marines, here I have a M5A1 Stuart light tank, used a bit by the marines in the pacific theatre.

The Stuart in it's different configurations was used almost from all the pacific campaigns, from 1941 and the Philippines and forward, but later in the war most was replaced by M4 Sherman tanks instead

I wanted it to look dirty, run down and rather unkindly handled by the jungle, and still have some camouflage on it. I found this general camo from some pictures I found, and so I went over it and dirtied it up as best as I could

Just because I had the transfers, I also named the tank as Marines was well known to do, this little one is called The Bomb, perhaps not the most fitting name, but gives some humour to one such small tank.


  1. Well done! It really looks as if it has been through most the Pacific campaign and is still going strong

    1. Yeah, that was kind of my plan, keep em run down and dirty so perhaps the enemy will ignore it =)

    2. That is a good plan. Could even work :-)