Black Powder: Austrian - Line Infantry IR 7

After quite a lot of WWII stuff I need to get some napoleonic miniatures in here, and what I have f you day is Austrian Infantry Regiment no 7 - Schöder.

The regiment was part of the Division FML Lusigana during the battle of Teugn-Hausen together with IR56 Colloredo and was the second half of the first attack on the lines just outside Teugn. The Austrian attack was pushed back with quite heavy casualties on both sides, but the Austrians got outflanked in the later part of the morning by the French in the form of 10ème Légère that Davout sent back after they had already passed through Teugn earlier in the day.

IR 7 was one of the largest regiments that fought around Teugn-Hausen, numbering 16 complete companies, lacking only two for the full 18 that was the papper strength for regiments at this time. This also ment that Division FML Lusigana was the largest on the field that day, as IR56 was only one company short, totaling them only lacking about 600 men, quite a feat for a Division.

This battalion can also bee seen in my last battle report, where they fought valiantly against some very hard light troops.

Until next time, play responsibly!


  1. What a wonderful unit these are, lovely work Sir.