Battle Report: Black Powder - Followup in Bavaria, April 1809

After the last game we got another game played just after the first. This time the Austrians have begun to fall back, and as they reach their own lines, reinforcements arrive to take over and stop the persuing French army.

This game used the same basic units and brigades as the last, but added another cavalry brigade of two regiments of light cavalry to each army. These are in reserve and can be ordered in at any point on the players own table edge at the start of turn 2.

During the deployment the Austrians was in march columns to quickly get into the fields and not repeat the inability to move and get the army into the field.

The French had a more conventional deployment, deploying in attack columns across the field.

The austrian took the first turn, and advances with most of the army in line, only the left flank moved a bit further to take on what look like a weakness in the French line.

The French replied by moving forward in force on the Austrian right, but the left got a bit hesitant as the Austrian bore down on them and stayed put.

On the next turn not much happened on the Austrian side, but the French got things going and advances and got into lines before the Austrians, and fire crashed into the lines, spreading disorder and confusion along the lines

The rude awakening from the French got parts of the Austrians going forward getting their own fire on the French, also creating disorder.

On the right a regiment of Hussars entered the field and threatening a flanking battalion, but not quite getting far enough to engage them.

On the left the cannon speaks.

The French redressed their lines, bringing reinforcements on the partsof the battlefield where the Austrians are week, bringing some more muskets on target.

The light infantry threatening the flanks, bringing much concern to the men in white.

On the flank the French formed line to try to drive of the cavalry with firepower.

It did not go the way they hoped, and after a charge where they could not form square in time, the unit is left wavering but still standing, while the cavalry has to lick its own wounds.

On the other flank the fire from the cannon and accompanying infantry drives of the first of the French, and in the centre the Austrians wheels up to block the french light infantry from hitting the lines in the sides. 

The French do however know how to repay the destruction, and on the left no less than two battalions are routed from the field, leaving a huge hole in the line.

The Austrian grenadiers advances to plug the hole and another regiment of hussars comes to the rescue, charging in and driving away another battalion of French, and in the process breaking the brigade holding that flank.

On the right there is a shootout where the Austrians now can bring huge amounts of fire to bear. And the fire is enough to drive away two battalions, even though they are still in the field.

The cavalry are still molesting the infantry on the extreme flank, but this time they can organise into square and even if the hussars could complete the charge, no real damage was done. 

On the next turn the French cavalry finally showed it's face, having been away for most of the battle, the first regiment charged the Austrian hussars, and after a long battle the hussars got out on top, and with that broke the morale of the whole French army, making them withdraw and leaving the field in favor of the Austrians.

This was another good battle, that was right on the edge to the last, the French was in that last turn only one or two casualties from breaking the Austrians, and the same was true the other way as there was a lot of casualties spread along all lines. 

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