100 figure challange

It's been a while since I wrote anything here, so it's high time to do something about that.

Two months ago I was at a gaming convention, and as usual I got a few more miniatures, and when I got home I thought about what I could do to lessen the mountain a bit. So I set myself this goal, paint a 100 28mm figures (or it's equivalent) before I can buy another new mini.

So said and done, on the 9th of May I announced the challenge in a local gaming group facebook page and of I went.

And now after almost 2 months I'm done, and here is the miniatures that got painted during the time (basing was not included in the challenge)

I started strong and got this gun and crew completed after just a few days

Completed the last few things on these US marines and got them based to, just as I was doing other things

Then I got into some more napoleonics, and over the next few weeks got two battalions of french, one of british line and a highlander battalion done.

Then I have to say I got a little burned out on doing napoleonics, so I got a few marines that I have laying around and just tried some different colours, just too see how they are to paint, so I did a Imperial Fist marine in yellow, and a Ultramarine in blue.

The just to continue I did some of the miniatures I had over from my last 40k army that I never got around to painting, so I completed a recon squad here first

Followed just the next night with some tactical marines

And then I painted some old, old, OLD marines, the first one in plastic that GW released, known as RTB01 or the original beekie marines. I've had this box with a few of them in storage for some thing like 20 years and not dared put paint to them, Well thats over now ...

And lastly I did a battalion of 15mm french. I counted two of them as one 28... Perhaps a bit cheating, but I needed to get done some time... =)

So thats my last few months, I hope someone else can do a challenge like this, it's a good feeling when you are done!