Team Yankee - Soviet infantry

Going back to my soviets, I here have a infantry company, almost complete just lacking some of the optional heavy weapons that you are able to add to the formations.

But this is a quite hefty bunch of troops, and it you want them all in transports you need 12 of them... I'm a bit behind with my small unit of 4.

As of quality, this is the metal infantry that got released just after the launch of the main rule book and it's supposed to be replaced soon by plastics (by the time of writing this, there is some delay and they are scheduled to be released some time in november of 2017). And the quality is... so and so, the details are just fine, but a lot of the figures got deformed legs, huge flash bits and quite a few had damaged weapons, most was repairable but there are a few broken barrels and legs and feet that has been hidden by base materials.
But they are quite small, and quite a few of them on each base, so you have to look real close to see the mistakes.

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