Base britts

A long time ago in a apartment far, far away I got my British Napoleonic minis panted as can be seen here, well time has come to show that I did get some bases made for them.
I ordered a bunch of bases from http://www.warbases.co.uk, they cost next to nothing, came with all haste and was made to an excellent standard, I cant recommend them enough.

Anyhow, I based my minis to be used with Lasalle or Black Powder and to that end desided that 4 minis on a base is enough, and as Lasalle uses 4 bases for a normal unit, my units would have 16 minis, or there about as some bases will have less than four if there is a reason for it. With the contents of a box of Victrix British I then got 2 whole regiments, and a few spare bases fo more or less make 2 more regiments if I only get myself some more command staff or ignore the commands and run them without.
This also gives me the choice of adding two extra bases for a regiment to make a large six base unit for Lasalle or larger general regiments for Black Powder.

The first regiment in all its based glory

And my second regiment

Some of the extra bases that got made as well

When I was doing this I also ran across an article in Wargames Illustrated, there they made some unit fillers to make a regiment seem bigger than the miniature bases would suggest, so I made myself a few to try it out, they didn't turn out half bad I think, and they will allow me to make "six" base regiments with only four bases of miniatures. Or just add a little extra scenery to the units when it's camera time.
The first I made was three pieces of fence and a empty grass base

I'm quite glad how they turned out, and I will make more in the future (perhaps when I finally can get a game in ;)

I also got a few 95th rifles with a issue of Wargames Illustrated, and I decided to put them on similar bases to be used as fillers, or in Lasalle, as skirmish markers

All in all a regiment in column could look as this when fleshed out a bit with extra fillers

I think I could live with that on the table

Thats all for now, next time I'll get some french frogs on here.

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