40k Imperial Guard

A few of the people at my gaming club decided to try to play a bit of casual 40k, I haven't played the game in about 9-10 years and I haven't had any desire to do it either. But when it was brought up I thought "why not?" I have loads of miniatures laying every ware and right before I stopped the last time I started a Imperial Guard army, so I have quite a lot for them, but most of it is unpainted.
So said and done, I went to my store of boxes and started to go thought them to see what I could find.

And I found quite a lot, it does however  seams like I've sold, traded or misplaced a few items I remember having, but I found a bit of infantry and a pile of heavy weapons.

I started with a few of the infantry models, I had painted a few of them already, and in colours I no longer have, so I got my Reaper paint set and started to go though them to find colours that would match.

A number of models had already got paint of their uniform, so I just painted the armour, weapons and everything else that was needed, and first out was a unit of ordinary hapless guardsmen.

Then I got a new unit painted with the new colours on the uniform, the armour parts I used the new paints all the way, and I cant find any real difference between the two

The lighting on the minis is to be frank, not good at all, they are quite a bit to dark.

I also got a command squad completed, this had also got the uniforms painted beforehand, so no new colour on them.

I'm quite satisfied with the miniatures, I did paint them mostly 5 at the time and completed each batch in one evening. Now I'm almost out of ordinary infantry, so a few more nights and I'll have to start painting the heavy weapon teams. I just need to rebase them as the base size has changed the last two editions...

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