40k Imperial Guard - part II

After a few days with no painting at all, mostly due to travel to and fro, I finally got another squad of guardsmen painted.

This time it's just a standard squad with a flamer and a missile launcher, I did however make a little mistake on the heavy weapon.. Only as I was basing it I realized that they no longer are on standard 25mm bases, but rather on large 60mm bases... Well I have non of those anyware close so I'll have to live with the wrong base until I can get hold of some. I've already placed an order with warbases.co.uk and I should have them shortly.

But until such a time as they arrive and I can get the bases changed, they will look as this:

And a little closeup

Got a bit better colors this time, and since I haven't had time to varnish them, they aren't as shiny =)

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