Swedish Army all done

I'm done!

Well, not quite really, I've now completed the last two regiments for my Swedish army, and what do you know, it's still the day of Salute =)

The thing thats not complete is the basing on my final regiment, when I based the second to last I used up most of my basing material that I have used for the whole army, and I'm not that keen on doing it totally different from all the other regiments. I do have a little bit left, and I'm thinking of two possibilities, one that I get myself some more and wait for it until I can place the army in the "completed" shelf (where it will be quite alone...) or I mix the stuff I have left with something else to make it just a little different, but still looking like all the others. I haven't decided what to do yet. But until I do, here you can see some images of the last two regiments.

Next my plan is to get an army shot with all regiments nicely arranged, and then get them out on the field of battle!

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