Dystopian Wars

As I have a complete lack of the ability to stay on one thing at a time I got into painting some Dystopian Wars ships a few days back.
So, what I've done is gotten hold of a fleet box with Empire of the Blazing Sun ships, this is the Japanese faction in Dystopian wars and I find their train like ships really cool looking, they have a sleek, fast kind of feel and I like that. They also make extensive use of rockets, and who can say no to something like that ;)

What I've done so far is 3 Nakatsu class cruisers, they are many done as test models, the first one got quite a few layers of paint before I got to a formula that I think works. I like to have them some sort of believable in their colors but also have a nod towards the red and white of the Empires flag.
I'm still thinking about adding some sort of flag on the models, either the classical Japanese red dot, or some sort of simpler rendition of the Empires flag with the beams out from the sun. But as the models are kind of on the small side I'm not sure that something like that will yield a good result.

But enough talk, you came here for pictures, and you'll get it.

For those that's wondering how my Pike and Shotte is coming along, I can tell you that the next to last unit is almost complete, just missing some basework and flags, and the final unit is up on the painting table right now. Waiting for me to stop with this steampunk silliness and get going.
I'm still determined to have them completed before Salute ends.

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