The Swedish army

I have finally gotten time to take some pictures of the entire completed army, I find it very satisfying to have it all arranged up on my table, feels great to see them all assembled.

What I've done is 6 regiments of foot, they are based for DBx so that each base is 60x30mm, and each unit consists of 3 bases of pike and 4 of shotte. They are made up to fit with the Field of Glory rules as this was the rules of choice in my club when everyone started with this project (and I think I'm the last one to finish...)
With the infantry I have 3 regiments of horse, one cuirassier regiment and two normal horse, one of that could be used as a harquebusier regiment, it is in reality just the normal cavalry with a few of the guns that comes with the them.

To this I have 2 cannons and 4 commanders to round of the force.

This I hope will be enough for some fairly sizable battles with the Pike & Shotte rules.
Untill I get some battles going, here are some pictures of the whole lot, enjoy!


  1. Greate looking army !!!

    Might we have a game when we get the Pike and Shoote rule.

    Best regards Michael

    1. I think we HAVE to have a game of P&S =)
      I'm really looking forward to actually using some of my stuff on a gaming table.

  2. Imressive collection you got there.

    1. Thank you very much, I'm so proud of my little babies =)

  3. Looks awesome! Very impressive and inspiring