Dark Angels - part II - Veteran

During the last week I got another of my angels assembled and painted. This time I wanted to try out how to do a robed miniature, as that is somewhat common in the Dark Angels army.
So I acquired a box of the Dark Angels veterans and put together one of them, or to be totally frank, I just put together the body and left the arms, head, shoulder pads and backpack off so that I could paint them without getting in the way all the time.
I did however get a bit disappointed over the molding of the body I choose, the details was kind of soft, and the chest eagle was almost impossible to paint as the feathers disappeared under just a thin coat of paint. I can't say if it's just my sprue thats a bit wonky, of if the mold was bad all along or just old. But I got a bit frustrated when it was mostly a flat area that I tried to get some paint on.

Any how, I decided to go with transfers on the shoulder pad, but after over 10 years of not using such things I have to say that putting them on the shoulders was not the most simple thing in the world, I even ended up tearing it a bit just as it had begun to set... So I had to to the best out of it.

Over all though I'm quite happy with the result, I might have to try to get a bit on contrast in the cloak with some other colour on the inside just as the minis GW has done, Ill have to see. This one will stand as it is for the time being.

I still haven't decided on a base, I'm thinking that I should do some dark swamp kind of thing, with pools of water and twisted trees/shrubbery. That would imply that I need to dirty my figures up a bit, at least at their feet, and that perhaps wouldn't be the most terrible thing.

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