Dark Angels - Part IX - Ravenwing Bikes II

During the last week I got another unit done, this time a whole unit of bikes are ready to get stuck in.
The bikes are one from the Dark Vengeance set, and one from the Ravenwing battleforce. On the two I used two quite different techniques, one of them fot a base of a light gray, and then layer upon layer of black and brown washes, all in all I think I used about ten layers. The other got a black base coat, some small highlights and a black/brown wash over this.

The wash method do produce a slightly better model with some nice shadings and highlights, but it just takes so much time that I don't think I'll continue using it for my standard bikes, perhaps for characters and such, but time will tell about that.

But now I have a usable tactical squad and a bike squad so soon I'll have an army that can take to the field!
Now I'm thinking if I should do a character to lead them or perhaps a unit of terminators, to try out how I want them painted, I have both options cleaned up and ready to be primed, so whatever grabs my fancy next time I sit down at my painting table will be the thing I get done.

Until next time, here are some pictures;

The whole unit;

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