Dark Angels - Part XI - Deathwing Terminators I

About a week and a half ago I started painting on my Terminators from the Dark Vengeance set, I had also a few days before gotten hold of my first airbrush, so naturally I used this in the process.
I did something kind of zenith highlight, that said I painted them first in my base color for the bone, washed it in brown wash and then started with the base again and painted them from a high angle, not hitting the back and underside of things and then continue with lighter and lighter colors, spraying less and less with each change.
It turned out... ok i guess, I should have been a bit bolder in my base color choice and perhaps a bit more careful with how much I paint with the highlights, but for a first try and the first minis I paint on at all, I'm quite happy.

After the base it came down to all the details, and there is a lot of them on these... It felt like each time I completed something, I found another thing that needed attention. So the painting took far longer than I thought it would.

At least they are complete now, based and everything. So here is a few pictures of them, the lighting wasent with me today and bone was a bit harder to get good photos of than I thought, so you'll have to take them as they are, quite bad...

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