Dropzone Commander: Shatari

I started my Shaltari army after I won a starter box on a tournament held in Skövde last autumn, so far it hasn't been anything added to this little force except the starter, but I'm thinking about doing a pure skimmer army out of this, especially now that there is a skimmer commander to add to the force. Even though the walkers they have are astounding models I want to do something a bit different from what I have seen so far.
But who knows, when I get to expand this there might be something else shiny that I just have to have in the army...

The painting on this is a bit more refined than my Scourge, I want this to be a army that does well in appearance and since it's army no 2 I don't feel that it needs to be done in a hurry to get to the gaming table.

I use gloss varnish on the models to give them a little nice new and unspoiled appearance, they are to look good before they blow you away with high tech guns and then drives away to the car wash.

Here I added a little firing effect to one of the tanks, to animate them a bit more

I did my infantry bases as if they are inside a house, since that's the main place for them and it makes them stand out a bit more. Small miniatures like this might just disappear on the battlefield otherwise.

If anyone has any questions how I painted this batch of bad boys or any other for that matter, please drop me a comment here or send me a message some other way and I can provide a list with colours back to you or perhaps make a new post here with my painting recipes.

Until next time, game hard and have a good time.

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