Infinity: Morat Kurgat

So after some vacation time and some non painting time, I finally finished the Kurgat model I started some weeks ago, or well I've finished painting him, but I still haven't made any base for him. I can't quite decide if I should continue with the bases I have on my old miniatures, or if I should just start over with something totally different.

So for the time being he will remain baseless.

And here I have some pictures of him in his finished form

It's not even close to Ángel Giráldez quality, but I'm quite satisfied, and it was very fun to just take one miniature and paint that, and not have an entire army sitting in front of you.

I have now started a few Morat Vanguards as well, this is some quite new miniatures from the good folks over at Corvus, and they are amazing in sculpting quality. If you have any interest in Sci-fi miniatures you should most defiantly check them out.


  1. Very very nice painting Ulf - regarding basing; why not try out something from the Alphaspel selection. They have loads of cool stuff, Escenorama for instance... These Infinity minis really have character - will you be introducing this game system at LittleWars at some point?

    1. That was a good suggestion, forgot that they have a quite good selection of bases...

      If anyone is interested in trying it out I can take it with me at some point, just have to figure out how it works for myself first =)