Infinity Interlude

The last time I more or less looked at an Infinity miniature was over four years ago, but the other week I was looking though my stash of bits and bobs in miniature form for items to sell of, and I stumbled over my old miniatures that I never got around to unpacking one thing led to another and just a few days later I was reading a bit on this new version that Corvus Belli released about half a year ago.

So now I'm trying to figure out what has changed, how it worked at all and if I can build something with what I've got. I also got really inspired to just paint something, and put some work into a single miniature.
It has been quite some time since I spent more than about 15 minutes on a single miniature, and I can't remember the last time I only painted one miniature in the same batch.

I also got a new airbrush compressor, that might have something to do with that I started painting this...

Anyhow I only got about two hours of work into this first miniature, and since I'm leaving for vacation in a few hours, I'm not going to finish this one, but I took some pictures anyway.

So here is some WIP pictures of my Kurgat Assault Engineer

Then just for fun I took one with a few of the miniatures I painted about five years ago, as a comparison shot

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  1. They look great Ulf, I really like the effect you've achieved on the engineer by tracing the edges in a bright sky blue.